9 Things I am Grateful for Today and Yesterday (these basically sum up my whole life)

by - Thursday, November 28, 2013

1. The world's most attractive snowfall, and our opportunities to play with it- You want to appreciate the fact that being alive is actually pretty awesome? Watch a Texan toddler play in the snow for the first time. Also, this snow has highlighted the generally miraculous nature of this week- it makes everything more difficult and more beautiful all at the same time.

2. This- A whole family is built out of this, and this holds it all together like the weight is nothing (anyone who has ever been in a blended family knows that this is near impossible). Hejust keeps checking on her all through the day. And they just both look so happy. We are all very lucky to have this in our lives, because they have taught us so much about what family really means.

3. Nana's House being Full- Nothing is better in this world than the breezeway being absolutely filled with shoes and the living room being so full that we really don't have room for everyone to play apples to apples. I also just LOVE how unstoppably loud the space is. Our family culture feels like it lays dormant so often, because this is our natural state, loud, full, and slightly ridiculous.

 4. Seeing all 4 of my OG immediate family members in one day-This and tomorrow will be the only days in 2013 where my dad, brother, and I will all be in the same city at the same time. This happening at least once a year is my new goal for life. This is true for my mom too, except she is coming to our LA Christmas Extravaganza in a few weeks. Enjoying it while I have it, because I know it will be over too soon!

 5. Thanksgiving weepfest- We all got in a good cry, so that is healthy, right? It isn't often you have that much intimacy in a room of 40 people, but I was shocked and impressed and leaky from all the show of emotion.

 6. Cousins and togetherness- This is similar to the other ones, but I like this one because of the pictures. Also, kudos to fashion for favoring greens and greys right now, because this picture looks a little bit coordinated, right? Everyone is so different, but I think we are mostly very happy to be together. Plus, Shawnie will have us all on instagram by the end of the trip.

 7. Veggie Turkeys- Turkey has become the primary symbol of Thanksgiving I think because anything too close to the originary event only reminds us of all our imperial oppression and so forth. Also, making meats out of vegetables must create black holes in baby bunnies' hearts, in the best way.

 8. Alfeo Simon Says- The key to Simon Says success is the barrel roll. Every 5-10 turns, you have to make everyone do a barrel roll. Why? I have no idea, but it is hilarious. Also, making people do their favorite dance moves, become europop stars, blind race car drivers, and werewolves really steps up the game. No one rocks Simon Says as well as these people.

Can I also briefly stop and say I am really freaking grateful for marrying into an amazing family? This week is as much about how commitment and love makes family more than blood ever can, and I am so glad that these are the people I committed to. I love them so much!

9. Our last stop for the day- Can I say it again? Happiness is moments like this one, cuddling with these 4 people. 

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