9 Things for the Weekend- Book Mourning, 105.3, and Junie B Jones

by - Sunday, November 17, 2013

1. Book mourning- I still can't decide what I feel about The Marriage Plot, but I keep thinking about it, so that is something, right? I will write about this at some point soon.
2.Long walks in San Francisco- I may have taken a five mile walk to the train station after my muni train was shut down because I am not as city slick as I wish I was. It would have been nice if I was savvy enough to figure out a better route once the N Train failed me, but alas I took a long walk, stopped to take the Bart at The Boy's recommendation. Then, the Bart got stuck and I had a nervous breakdown. All in all, I love San Francisco mass transit. Friday was not our day. But, the bright side was that I broke 20,000 steps in one day (which is impressive unless you are a long distance runner), and I got to talk to my brother while I walked the hills.If only Batkid had still been out, then it would have been a perfect walk.
3.105.3- Thank goodness I found an alternative radio station, because if I heard "Are you going to stay the night" one moe time, I think I would have thrown myself off a bridge. Maybe because I currently don't have hardcore aesthetic theory to balance it, my patience for profoundly shitty pop music is all but run out.

4. The AMC Theater on Polk- We actually walked past the entrance, because we thought it was an old bank (we also apparently do not trust signs and enjoy walking in circles). On the other hand, I did not love Ender's Game. On the other hand, it really was a cool building, and The Boy and I shared an ice cream sandwich. On the other other hand, the previews before the movie were so ridiculously stupid that I may have said something too loudly and embarrassed my husband publicly.
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5. A Literate Passion- The richness of Henry Miller and Anais Nin's letters really makes you question what the hell you are doing with every bit of communication you have ever had in your life. Also, it is a good illustration of how steamy letters could get before sexting and the such existed. Lastly, this books serves as a spectacular reminder that Anais Nin is the supergoddess of the universe. She is all human and power and passion at once. She is the only person I can think of where you can use the awful word "passion" without feeling icky about it. At the same time, I feel like a bit of a perv (in a good way) for reading their letters at all, but I get into perv+ in a bad way when reading it next to some rando on the train, so it may be only treadmill reading.
6. That we never have to go see I Frankenstein- Wow that thing looks stupid. Or an insult to stupid. Or just so stupendously lazy that stupid can still easily lap it.
7. Embroidery- Do you know what a blanket stitch is? I didn't this morning, but I can do it now! Christmas ornaments will be a homerun this year.
8. "Lobster Roll"- We were talking about where to get dinner, and inside, I was licking the wound of missing out on the Sam's Chowder Truck yesterday. Suddenly, my cherub husband offered to take me to Sam's Chower House without me even asking. We were both thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. When your hearts are in the same place, and by place I mean fixated on the same sandwich, life will be just fine. It was delicious, a hot pink sunset lingered almost too long, and a golden doodle jumped up so we could see him through the window. It was heaven. I have been so negative and miserable the past few weeks, but it was a genuinely wonderful moment, and even now, which is basically my worst, I have a ton to be grateful for. Not the least of which is lobster rolls.
9. Junie B. Jones- Barbara Park, the author of so many books I have read out loud with young readers in the last few months, passed away today. I will never get why those books resonate in such huge way to 2nd and 3rd graders, but they absolutely do. Thank you Barbara Park, so helping Stephanie, Daisy, and so many other kids.

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