9 Things for Thursday and Friday- Dresses, ,Cocola, Ultraman, and HOME!!!

by - Sunday, November 24, 2013

1. Dinner with Dorian- If only one friendship from my Stanford days persists into my non-academic life, I hope it is this one. My friend Dorian is a fantastic artist and talented curator (she runs the gallery at the Center for Sex and Culture, which currently is displaying a collection of old safe sex posters), but she is just a really kind, intelligent, and insightful person. I had missed her, so our dinner updates on her purple popcorn and exhibition catalog (!!!) were much needed. I would like to be a tenth as beautiful and just cool a person as she is (first step- incorporate some cheetah print!).
2. “Pompeii” by Bastille- I know I am late to this party, but at least I made it eventually. It works for long walks and train rides. Also, I have decided that the owner of 105.3 was born on March 30th, 1986, because they clearly have exactly the same musical taste of everyone our age. I am willing to bet if I listen long enough, I will hear some Goo Goo Dolls. 

3. Tissue Paper Flowers- Our wedding decorations will never surrender. But if you want to learn some new tricks for tissue paper flowers, I would start with the girls at Bayshore Christian. They taught me so new tricks for petals, I taught them about irregular verbs. I will take that trade. 

4. Dress Choices- We are going to a black tie wedding in January, which is cool, but also totally intimidating. Is anyone actually sophisticated enough to have a black tie wedding? Apparently my awesome friend Kyle can rock that level of fancy. We are weirdly psyched to go, because these black tie chances are probably few and far between for us, but it means I need a dress. I ordered two and I need to send one back. I am leaning toward the navy v-neck one, but in truth, I wouldn’t mind wearing an evening gown every day. I love a good dress (really, I could skip pants forever if my thighs wouldn’t be so cold). 

5. Cocola- This is one of the fancypants hangouts in the ultimate fancypants mall Santana Row. I will never understand the appeal of Santana Row as a legitimate hangout (seriously, it is not a downtown, it is a strip mall!). Anyway, eating Cocola three chocolate layer cake made the people watching seem more pleasurable and less depressing (for serious, what kind of person wants to browse a Tesla store as their Friday night?). Also, did you know you can make a leaf in a cup of hot chocolate? We went there with the effervescent Mollie and her new boyfriend Henry. He got points with us for showing us this awesome bakery (he is a local) and for finally explaining to us why people in the Bay Area are all afraid to park on the top of parking garages.
6. Kindergarteners- Finger painting, even fancy museum finger painting, is the most joyous, least noble form of artistic expression. It is awesome, and the lead educators at the DeYoung designed a really gorgeous and modern project with it. They almost always come out pretty, and I still am not sure how that happens. Plus, I got messy high fives, which is basically my favorite thing in the whole world.
7. Japanese Toys in Terminal Three of SFO- The Recology exhibit is down, and the curators have replaced it with a hilarious and genuinely lovely collection of Japanese toys. Any exhibit that kicks off with a Hello Kitty evening gown has to be a winner, and this one has so much nuance. I thought the porcelain dolls used as gifts were gorgeously intricate, and where else can you see tools of diplomacy feet away from Ultraman action figures? You wouldn’t expect to learn so much about Japanese cultural history (especially film/tv history) through its toys, but this exhibit changes your mind. It almost makes up for the fact that Terminal Three has no good food in it.
8. Season five of Top Chef- I have watched these 4 dvds on planes too many times. Like I know all of the words, which seems pretty pathetic when you talk about a reality show. Yet here I sit, in the oh so cozy middle seat, writing this blog and watching Fabio and Carla filet fish yet again, while Eric Ripert dreamboats in the corner. Top Chef works well as airplane viewing, because it doesn’t require too much attention, but it makes the time move quickly.
9. Going home!!! In 2 hours, we will be in the car with Peepa and Carlo, feeling freezing from the Pennsylvania weather. I could not be happier to be going home.

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