6 Things for the Weekend- Mussels, Steamboat Willie is the Devil, and Grammy

by - Monday, November 11, 2013

Ok, first I have to say I wrote this whole thing once already and then deleted somehow, which I am not sure about and am super annoyed about. This iteration will be shorter, because phooey on this weekend's things.

1. Steamed Mussels with curry powder and garlic- We had a couples date with The Boy's friend Ed and his relatively new girlfriend Cathryn. They invited us to go to a farmer's market, buy food, and then make lunch all together at their place. It was very sweet, but it made me feel like a really old yuppy. Plus, I think it was their first ever couples date, and they got in some tiffs over the course of the day, which made things awkward. To be honest, I really don't get why couples dates need to be a thing anyway, and they almost always make me feel old and awkward. They have to be so orderly? Is that it? There is some pretense of a common ground which really doesn't exist? Anyway, the whole bit was worth it because the Steamed mussels were easy, delicious, and easily the best smelling food we had ever made.
from femmeandfortune.com
2. Orange is the New Black- I have been putting this off, because I was afraid I wouldn't love it, but no, this bandwagon was basically built for me, and I am on it. This show feels so incredibly new, and there are so many totally new but truthful stories about women and how they relate to each other. We weren't sold on the pilot, but the second episode won us over, and now we are one the 5th and can't wait to see more.
3. An actual break from human interaction- I finally got to just chill at home Saturday night after all of last week's excitement, and it was greatly needed. Thank goodness.
4. Steamboat Willie- I was going to say how much I love early animation, because it is so demented and has its own rules for the body, and early Mickey is so charmingly ugly, etc etc etc. Now I am going to say that trying to embed Steamboat Willie into this post made things go crazy, and I was not pleased with that, so now I hate you, Steamboat Willie. Boo to you!

5. Dorothy Greene- Yesterday was my Grammy's 80th birthday, and since I am definitely in the cult of Dorothy (basically all of her grandchildren, because I think we think she is epically cooler than most grandchildren find their grandmothers- especially now that she has supercool hipster glasses). When we called and sang to her last night, the phone call lasted almost 6 minutes! She did eventually get us off the phone, because she is always sure we have something better to do than to hang out with her, but I am pretty sure that hanging out with her is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.
6. That I had enough cut outs of food for yesterday- Of course, it turned out to be a crazy busy day at Cantor Family Sunday, but we didn't run out and everyone seemed excited for the project. All in all, I felt it went pretty well, I got to see a camper from Galileo, I am really getting to know the repeat families, and no one booed me out of the room, so all is good.

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