6 Things for Today and Yesterday

by - Thursday, November 14, 2013

1. Sushi!! Spicy Hamachi forever.

2. Our new fall leaves mobile!- Thank you Aunt Joanna for sending us leaves so we can make this happen. It was so simple- here are the steps-
a. Tie two pieces of fishing line in a know so there are 4 equal sides. Tie these to the inside hoop of embroidery hoops.
b. Tie fishing line of different lengths to the stems of the leaves.
c. Tie these to the inside loop. Cut all the loose ends off to make the look cleaner.
d. Put the outside loop over the top of the hanging strings. Hang!
It's that easy, and I think that it turned out really pretty. If I did it again, I would stain the hoops to make them a little darker and more fall-colored.

3.Janelle Monae "Q.U.E.E.N."- I am currently obsessed with this video. I know Lily Allen is taking some heat from her video (which I kind of hate- obviously the issues she is bringing up do collide with race, but if we tear every feminist statement down for not being feminist enough, we will never ever get anything done), but this is another semi-recent feminist music video that is pretty much awesome. I used to think Janelle Monae was waiting on the cusp of happening for an exceptionally long time, but now I wonder if she is intentionally perched there, because it offers so much more than the mainstream.

4. Most of The Marriage Plot- Ok, I finished this book a few hours ago, and I am sad it is over, but I am not sure how I feel about it yet, so I will reserve a stronger opinion for when I formulate it. I will say, Eugenides can certainly weave a tale filled with stuff I love.

5. Livestrong's "My Plate"- I feel like this app is so helpful for my awareness of my balance in how I am eating. I am trying to be more aware again, because I think feeling healthy will help me feel happier. I need to make some progress in something, so this is one of the areas I am going to push in.

6. My sad attempt at chalkboard art- This may not be my future career. I did think the leaves were kind of fun though.

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