6 Things- Bad Dancer, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Beach Days

by - Thursday, November 07, 2013

1. Made in America pinboards- The challenge is coming back this Christmas, and I am going to try to buy all ethical gifts. We will see how it goes, but I feel like I have a lot more resources this year.
2.Yvonne and Daisy- I love my BCM students! Hanging out there, reading Junie B Jones, is the best part of my day.
3. Bad dancer- I think I have watched this at least 10 times in the last two days. I definitely made the Boy watch it at least twice. I am not sure why watching Yoko Ono dance in a shiny room is such good stress-relief, but it totally is!

4.Olive's Chocolate Chip Cookies- I think I will miss you the most. Thank you for being the best thing on Stanford by far. You used to have to compete with the clam chowder at CoHo, but it turned against me.

5. Half Moon Bay- It is very cool that when I am having a day where I just need to get away from everything, I can just drive to the ocean and put my feet in the water. As The Boy said, it was pretty poetic. Poetry or not, it was more fun than spending the day moping, and I got to eat a lobster roll. Not a bad day at all.
6. Cutting out fruit and veggies while watching Top Chef- Why do I like so few of them??? How long must we suffer Travis?

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