3 Things- Wheelies, Slutty Ineffective Time Keepers, and oh my deer

by - Saturday, November 02, 2013

1. Wheelies in the mall- The Boy says we will teach our kids how to walk wearing these wheeled sneakers, because they just are so wonderfully inappropriate. Plus, who didn't have some of their most traumatically obnoxious moments in a roller skating rink? Why not move that tragedy out to everywhere?
2. Post-Halloween halloween bar tours- that icky feeling you have is not just the alcohol. It's over. Halloween is over. I know it is hard when it is on a Thursday, but at the very least you need to get drunk for November reasons. If you are really that committed to a costume, maybe just wear one every day? And if you are that committed to drinking in costume, become some kind of very sad actor? I bet the models who pose for the slutty chicken salad sandwich costume and slutty disney character costume bags are pretty drunk when they do it. Truly, I understand post-holiday sadness, but denial is no way to manage these feelings.

From oh my deer
3. oh my deer- probably one of the best etsy sellers of all time. The calligraphy is gorgeous, and she has some impressive taste in quotes (and you know, I love a sappy sentimental mess of a soundbite).

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