3 Things- Len Lye, Manic Cleaning, and Personalized Calendars

by - Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1. Len Lye "Free Radicals"- First of all, it is nice to start conquering a big pile of American avant-garde film and realize you have seen more than half of it. Some, like Hollis Frampton's "nostalgia" I would happily watch again. Others, I think we can safely leave in the past without missing them much. One of the greater ones I had never seen before was Len Lye's "Free Radicals" which makes the filmic space feel like a chalkboard that has come alive and slowly builds into 3 dimensions. It is good stuff, if you are into that kind of thing.
2. Dusting the baseboards, baking bread, fixing frames, writing thank you notes, etc.- it seems rather than being depressed, I am going into some sort of manic state where no second can be wasted. I have decided to make the most of this and try to do as many highly productive never actually gets done types of things as I can in 48 hours. So far, it is going well, though I am dreading the inevitable crash that is coming.
3. Shutterfly- In general, I am trying not to buy anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving (I had one slip up in Tennessee), but I do get started on the made gifts earlier, and it is so fun to work on them and make them perfect.

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