3 Things- Jersey Mike's, Felt, and Sweet Football Moments.

by - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

 1. Jersey Mike's- They opened one not too far from our apartment! I wonder if I will ever walk into a Jersey Mike's without the urge to show them the tip of my finger that's missing. I kind of feel like they owe me sandwiches for as long as I have a scar on the tip of my finger. Alas, meat slicing the tip of your finger, passing out, and puking in the back of one Jersey Mike's does not guarantee you food at the rest of them. The sandwich was good though. A little bit salty, but what can you do?
2. Felt- Do you know felt is like crazy cheap? I bought a ton of it yesterday for less than ten bucks. Time to start making Christmas ornaments!
3.Joe Dunn's Sportsmanship- If you live in Western PA, you may have already seen this video that has been floating around. A week or so ago, a huge tragedy took place in Sharon, and the effects are reverberating all over the area (my sister-in-law is related to one of the young men who passed away). The incredible sweetness of this moment made me cry, and it is always nice to see people just be so kind to each other. Check it out here: http://www.goerieblogs.com/sports/varsity/2013/11/12/joe-dunns-act-of-sportsmanship-video/.

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