3 Things- Grad School Barbie, Buster Keaton Face, and Kids

by - Sunday, November 03, 2013

1. This- http://joannarenteria.com/2011/12/13/i-was-considering-grad-school-and-then-i-saw-this-hilarious/ All of this is true. Sad and so so so so true. Thank you, grad school Barbie, for reminding me I am not crazy.
from mvozus.wordpress.com
2. Buster Keaton's face- He is so so so so pretty. He looks so sad, even when he is being funny. I like him much better without all the racism and trains, so Sherlock Jr. was a step up. If I was a college freshman, I would also be impressed with its meta-ness. At the very least, it was a jaunty treat in comparison with regular Sherlock, where only Moriarty offers any comic relief (why does he make so many Scooby Doo noises?).
3. Kids, kids, and more kids- Especially ones who bring their light sabers to the museum. I really love this part of my job at the Cantor. Now, if I can figure out how to pull this into a full time arrangement, we will really be in business.

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