3 Things for Yesterday- White flowers, Observation and Murder, and Thanksgiving Taking a Stand!

by - Sunday, November 03, 2013

1. Flowers with Julie- Yesterday was our third anniversary of being on the flower guild. It is a momentous occasion to be sure ;o).

from sherlockcares.com

from tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com
2. That London is the Santa Barbara of Europe- Oh esoteric, genius, hired-out detectives and their plucky, not-quite-as-observant friends. Little did Arthur Conan Doyle know just what an endless, relentless television trend he was starting. Also, why do these places have so many serial killers? When did the streets of Santa Barbara get so mean? Sherlock has been pretty great so far, but I would rather watch psych on the day to day. It is also fun to debate with the boy about what comes before what. Either way, bromance + murder has turned out to be a goldmine of potential.
3. Halloween decorations came down, Thanksgiving stuff went up! I will not let Thanksgiving be eaten up by the big holidays on either side, gosh darn it! It has its own decorations, own aesthetic, and own traditions in this house. The Boy asked if we will ever get to host our own Thanksgiving, and I honestly have no idea. Its weird to think there could be a time where holidays don't mean hours on airplanes, but I don't think that day is coming any time soon. 

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