3 Things for Yesterday-Leonard Cassuto, Arcimboldo Faces, and Pakistani Cotton

by - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

1. Leonard Cassuto's 2010 article "Advising the Dissertation Student who Won't Finish"- I thought this article was exceptionally kind. Some of the comments were incredibly disheartening (and very reflective of the way most academia thinks), but I did like the suggestion that all advisers should actually be invested in their students and maybe even care about them and communicate with them. It would be wonderful if most academic advisers were more like Cassuto, and if there was less of a feeling that leaving academia essentially means you failed, rather than you moved on to something else that fit you better.

2. This week's art project- I cannot even say how excited I am for this project. I am just praying I have enough food cut out by Sunday, but it is really hard to gauge how much I need. I think I need to go buy some more magazines, because I only had one person (thank you Aunt Joanna!) donate food pictures to me. Such a weird challenge, but I am enjoying it.

from the denver post
3. Asad Zaidi's photographs of Pakistani cotton workers- These are so beautiful. The cotton takes over these images, but the photographs also raise questions about gender roles and tradition within a system of labor. Take a second to check out the Denver Post images.

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