3 Things- bell hooks, Bao, and Fog

by - Friday, November 08, 2013

1. bell hooks- a video has been going around today of bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry having a public conversation at the New School. I will forever want to be bell hooks when I grow up. She is so incredibly smart, powerful, and just loving.  I just genuinely think she is making the world a better, more thoughtful place. Check the conversation here.
2. My sandwich- have I ever mentioned how much I love The Chairman? And my sandwich?Oh I have??? WELL LISTEN AGAIN PEOPLE, the key to all happiness is this sandwich. It makes all other bread concoctions unnecessary.I might murder someone for it, depending on how much I felt my sandwich was being threatened .
3. Foggy San Francisco Mornings- 6 AM in San Francisco feels like it is being taken over by ghosts. It is beautiful to look at. Put on a sad playlist and feel sad in that good way.

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