Today's Inspiration- Richard Stankiewicz

by - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I love when something you have seen something a hundred times, and then you suddenly have a whole new sense of how wonderful it is. Working in education in museums has been giving me that opportunity left and right. Today, I have been doing some research on Richard Stankiewicz, specifically his hilarious and beautiful statue Urchin, which we have at the Cantor. I have fallen in love.

From Trip Advisor
Can you tell what this statue, Urchin, is doing? What if I tell you his sculptures are usually funny plays on human behavior? It cracks me up, because it is not often you find such refreshingly  immature subject matter in a museum. Here are a couple more, just because:
We Two are So Alike, 1958. From About:Art History
The Chase, 1961, from the Washburn Gallery

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