Snakes (on Bracelets)!

by - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If you go to the Bulgari show at the de Young museum, you will be struck by two things:
1. How much the brand is invested in the concept of the "movie star"
2. How much you have never known you always needed a snake bracelet. They sound ridiculous, but they are mostly really awesome. They seem rough and kind of badass, while also reflecting an organic beauty. Case and point:


So, with a minimum amount of internet research, it becomes clear that nobody in the world can afford these. Only movie stars, which is apparently why even an art museum is marketing to them. At the same time, these are like your billionaire granny's coolest piece of jewelry, right? And where do you buy anything and everything that might also appeal to very old ladies? That's right, etsy, bitches. Etsy, not so surprisingly has tons of cool snake bracelets to choose from. Let's look, shall we?

From lizzystuff
This one isn't as clean looking, but I do love the giant eyes. Also, it might be really helpful if you need to fight someone using only your wrists.

From Surlhistoire
I love this one. If you were just thinking you needed to buy a friend a serpent bracelet, I would start with this one. It definitely has that "out of Grandma's jewelry box" feel. Also, this is a great etsy shop.
From 20thcenturydesignny
This one might be the closest to the Bulgari ones, though the design seems super-80's. It also seems a little bit bulkier than the others, but it is still funky.

From Anteeka
I love this one too. It is so much simpler than the others, but that simplicity makes it gorgeous. You just want to put it with a 40's style dress.

From boylerpf
Let's end with the most art deco and abstract of the bunch. This is for someone who wants to keep their snake-like instincts on the down low. Like Harry Potter or Voldemort when he was still on Quirrel's head. I love these. I am sure this trend was a while ago and I am off point, but I do not care.

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