Throwback Thursday- Awesome Art Halloween Costumes

by - Thursday, October 13, 2016

In case you, like me, do not enjoy being a sexy cat (or ninja turtle? That is weirdly in this year). Here are some art costumes I thought were really fun and gave me fun ideas, so maybe they can help you too!

If you want to be an Artist (for one night... career options must be available elsewhere)...

kid van gogh costume
From Here
andy warhol kid cotsume 
From the same place
 A magazine did a whole bunch of really sophisticated looking Halloween costumes, but mostly I just appreciate anything that puts a child in a fake beard.
leonardo da vinci kid costume
 And on that note, this is the best costume of all time. I said before that being Leonardo Da Vinci is the same as Gandlaf, but without the hat and with some sort of arty instrument. Case and point, people.

bob ross kid costume
Again, I have suddenly become very self-concious of how much I like children wearing beards. It's just funny looking! Also, Bob Ross is pretty much as classic as you can go. Not many artists have that same level of instant recognizability.

If you want to be an Art Object...

pop art halloween costume
From Here
Ok, this look is pretty played out, but if you have a real devotion to pop art on holidays, I would go the bottom route. Anything with really pronounced eyebrows is a win.

klimt woman halloween costume
From Here
 KLIMT. This is amazing. Perfect if you are one of those magpie people who likes shiny things. Also, if you just enjoy sexiness, because that is what that man does. This woman absolutely nails the hair from this painting. 

da vinci vitruvian man halloween costume
From Here
This man is a genius, though I am slightly frightened by the arms. 

andy warhol and campbell soup halloween costume
From Here
Kudos to this girl for really nailing the Campbell's logo.It does seem like a tricky issue when you think about hair and such. It almost needs to be a combo costume, but I am not sure what you combine it with.

duchamp r mutt halloween costume
From Here
This is my favorite costume of all time. Ok, I may have said that before, but this time I really mean it. Maybe if it was da Vinci dressed as the Urinal would be even better. Could you do Campbell cans as shoes and then encompass the entire history of art in one costume? You would also look like one really scary hobo.
magritte halloween costume
From Here

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