9 Things for the Weekend

by - Sunday, October 20, 2013

1. Beauty exists- http://www.beautyexists.net/humanity/courageous-people-expose-their-insecurities-for-the-camera/ This is a photograph from the lovely project "What I Be" from Steve Rosenfield. In this project, people write their insecurities on their bodies for everyone to see, and many of the results are beautiful and courageous. I really love this project, but the website it is housed on is even better. It makes me feel a lot better about the universe in general.
2. Messy High Fives- I haven't gotten one of these since this summer, and man, I have missed them. Basically, when a kid makes a huge mess of themselves, I get to be really excited for them (because you aren't really having fun until you are making a mess). Happiness is havin paint all over your hands that a kid put there.
3. Showing The Boy Gertie the Dinosaur- It's a classic, and he really loved her dancing (for good reason, that cartoon has moves!). The whole thing is up on Youtube if you are looking for an early film fix (oh, that is only us? Well, ok).
4. Sand sculptures- On a whim, the Boy and I headed to Carve in San Francisco to see their first ever sand carving competition. The experience turned out to be a mixed bag- we thought it would be right on the beach, but it was in the parking lot of a sports good store and it was badly designed that tents actually blocked the view of any beach that was nearby. On the other hand, sand sculptures now dominate my dreams. The artists masterfully use their materials to make things you best sandcastle only dreams of. Who knew sand could even do most of these things? The competition and even t would need to grow, but we were still impressed with the brilliance of the competitors.

5. This lady's notes- You know you are doing the right thing with your life if all of your work notes are laminated pictures of people's butts. She was having a real Mapplethorpe moment, and I was loving it.

6.The Mark di Suvero's in Chrissy Field-Hey, I met that guy! I worked at this opening. It was neat to go back without the crowds and see how beautifully the sculptures resonated with their surroundings. The look like they belong with the Bridge, and The Boy was really shocked that they would ever take them down.
7. Jambalaya-Nola's in Palo Alto has quickly become one of our favorites, and their jambalaya is AMAZING. Seafood rice and sausage is always a good idea. You really can't go wrong with that combination. People, come visit us in California (while you still can) and we will take you for some of this awesomeness.
8. Nepotism- I did not love Treasures of the Sierra Madre. But I loved the old man, Howard, and was happy to find out later that it was the director's dad. Also, and unrelated, Humphrey Bogart is pretty freaking fantastic and unhinged in this movie. I give them lots of propers for going there with him, because he always sort of teeters on the edge of good and bad, but lands on the side of good (and love). Good Humphrey Bogart is quiet. Evil Bogey cannot shut up, and I loved it. Other than the nepotism and crazy Bogey, I probably don't need to see this movie again.

9. Leaves from Aunt Joanna!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about these. Perfect ending to our Saturday date day.

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