6 Things- Tennessee Edition

by - Thursday, October 31, 2013

1. That my brother is coming for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited about this. My goal for our family, in general, is to figure out how to make more togetherness out of a lot of distance, and I am just grateful I will be able to see all 3 of us (2 sets of 3) in the same place at least once in 2013. 

2. This picture- Happiness is these three women (also a super cute baby playing with measuring cups in the bath). This whole day was a blessing, and I am so grateful for it.
3. Imagination Library- Shell told me about this program headed by Dolly Parton, in which US kids can get a book a month for free every month until they are five years old. What a cool idea! If you have spawn in that age range, check it here: http://usa.imaginationlibrary.com/
4. Starting The Marriage Plot- I have not had the courage to read this book, because I love Jeffrey Eugenides so much. Then, I opened the first page,  and it quotes the Talking Heads. Too much goodness. There was too much at risk! I didn’t want to not love it, that would make me so sad. So, I am about 50 pages in now, and so far, it’s pretty good? If nothing else, I may use it to make a Marriage Plot book list.
5. Halloween socks! Best thing to come home to when you have to travel on Halloween. Especially since we don't have much to do here, except wait to see pictures of our niece and nephew trick or treating. 
6. The Charlotte Airport- It is a really pretty and nice airport, though I do not understand the huge collection of Duck Dynasty stuff. Why have I missed that whole thing? Why are these bearded men with disproportionately attractive wives famous? If you are really that rednecky that you just want to hunt, why are you watching television? I do not understand this phenomena, though I was tempted to buy the Boy the snowglobe. 

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