6 Things for this Weekend- Hello October!

by - Monday, October 07, 2013

 1. Ardenwood Farms in Fremont- We go here every year for our pumpkins, and it is so cute! At the least, you are getting your pumpkins from a real farm instead of a parking lot filled with blow up toys. This place does still have a bit of a show going on- I know there is a hay ride and a giant hay mountain. Every year, The Boy talks about climbing to the top, pushing all the children off, and calling himself "King of the Mountain". It is some mix of Global Guts and Highlander going on in his mind (though I am not convinced that isn't what is going on in there all the time.

From www.news.com.au
2. The helmets in Gravity- I spent a good chunk of the movie just trying to guess whether there was an appointed member of staff getting all of those helmet shots to be so gorgeous. I think my read on it is pretty similar to most I have read- the plot was a little thin (and the monologues at the end were a little long) but the movie was pure beauty from beginning to end. I can see why they kept blowing shit up, because it has never looked better.
3. The Bullock Theory- I am now convinced that we can predict whether my Mom will show up for short visits based on whether we can get through a Sandra Bullock movie without hearing from her. If she calls during the movie, she is coming. If we make it to the end without hearing from her, Mom is not coming. Tested and proven.
4. The Return of Halloween Wars- Halloween Wars and Top Chef started in the same week? It was almost too much tv goodness for us.

5. Long walks with my Mom- This makes me happy. It's a huge blessing, and we know it, because it doesn't happen all that often.

6.Pumpkin-carving- It was so fun to do all together, and they all came out ok. Mom made Voldemort (with Quirrell on the back if you are looking for accuracy). Mine was JANKY, but I still had fun.

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