6 Things- Cakes, Label Makers, and Estately

by - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1. Miniature Thinkers- We had another fun day at the Cantor Family Sundays. My boss Lauren thinks something magical happens when you put clay in front of kids, and I have to agree with her. They get so zen! It was a really fun day and I really enjoyed it.
2. Pizza- The Boy makes the best pizza. It is a good day when we are having pizza. Basil and garlic are the two happiest tastes and smells in the universe.
3. Estately- The chance we might be moving to Seattle is looking more and more like a reality, so it has been fun to poke around this real-estate website and imagine living in a house. Then I think about leaving our tiny nest and feel sad, but overall, this part can be really exciting, because it is all speculation and pretty pictures, rather than financing and loans and moving logistics. That part will suck, whenever it comes (sooner than later people- if you want to visit us in California, I would plan on a trip in the next four months, because after that, all bets are off).

4. Cake night- Microsoft has an auction every year, where people auction off cakes, cookies, and all sorts of nonsense for charity. Last year, we made fall leaf cookies for the auction. This year, we tried to use our new cake decorating skills to make nerd cakes. It was a lot. We were happy to be done by the time it was all finished, but I do think the cakes turned out really well.
5.Ted's label maker- It is the single best gag in season 8 of How I Met Your Mother. It makes me laugh almost as hard as any time Robin is around Patrice (also, I had no idea that there was so much Robin hate out there? What is the problem people?)
6. Listening to teachers talk about teaching- Is there any better feeling in the world than listening to people who love what they do talk about why they love doing it? I think I have never heard the word "love" said so many times on Stanford campus. It really made me so excited to be reconsidering my path. It reminded me that it is alright to decide that being an academic won't make me happy.

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