3 Things on the Other Side of the Red Eye

by - Monday, October 28, 2013

1. SFO being filled with Steelers fans- Because Pittsburgh played Oakland (it apparently didn't go too well) on Saturday, Sunday night I saw tons of people decked out is their black and gold best. I imagine heaven looks about the same way, minus the whole airport part.
2. Pumpkin bread- Why is pumpkin flavored business taking over my life?? And why is some of it so good and some of it so bad? My Aunt Melinda's pumpkin bread seems suspiciously more like cake than bread, but it was delicious and I love it, and I will be stealing it from my Aunt Ann's house.
3. Sitting all afternoon with my Mom and Aunt- Such a nice, chill day. And I cut out a ton of food! (anyone who has magazines or old worthess cookbooks, send me the pages!

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