3 Things for Yesterday-Venus's Venus, Crazypants Memes, and The Princess Bride

by - Thursday, October 17, 2013

1.Leroy McDermott's argument that the earliest known sculptures were actually self-portraits made by women. Well, how cool is that idea? The obvious challenge to this otherwise valid claim is that you would think that these women could see other women, and would be able to conceptualize their bodies three dimensionally and spatially by observing similar bodies. Then again, we have recently been reading all sorts of interesting things about brain development (do you know we got our frontal lobe that perceives the future last, which is why brows were lower and people can survive being stabbed in this part of the brain? Understanding the future turns out to be the least essential human brain function). Still, McDermott's argument is made visually, using modern photographs, which makes it an accessible read if you just want to reflect intellectually and aesthetically on how women are awesome.
2. The end of crazy Memes- Ok, i know it isn't really the end, but I am hoping that now that the shut-down is over, at the very least I will see fewer ones that just make no sense. I actually feel so much infuriated when those ones go around, because they are so random and just totally wrong. It's not a subjective thing, just look it up!
3. The Princess Bride- man, that book is so good! He makes writing seem like just the most fun thing in the world. Every time you put it down, you kind of wish you could just be a writer, because seriously, no one is having more fun than that guy.

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