3 Things for Yesterday- Nasty Pumpkins, Cake Lady, and Safeway Cards

by - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1. The strange sense of accomplishment I get from Throwing NASTY pumpkins away- It was gross. Whatever you are thinking, double that, and cover it with bugs. Why does it feel so good to get through something so gross?
2. The Cake Lady's Absolute Obsession with The Voice- We have been taking a cake decorating class on Tuesday nights which seemingly teaches us how to buy a bunch of Wilton stuff from Michael's. The teacher is 69 years old, babysits her granddaughter all day, and really just wants to be at home watching the voice. Truly, she has no desire to be teaching us loser, ESPECIALLY those of us who do not make our frosting properly! We signed up for the class with the hope of a fun date night, but we mostly have found a new nemesis.
3. Getting my own Safeway card, 5 years after we started shopping there- Clearly, it is time to go.

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