3 Things for Yesterday- Malala, Color, and Pita Bread

by - Friday, October 11, 2013

1. Malala and Jon Stewart- If you haven't watched the clup of her on The Daily Show yet, look it up. It is everywhere, and for good reason. If she doesn't make you get fired up to change the world and simultaneously feel so grateful for the education you were already given, I don't know what the hell is wrong with you. I mean, seriously?!? She is 16. She is just amazing and heaven and pure power in one person. 
2. Color- Nothing in this world can provide such immediate and complete joy as a really good red or orange. I have been trying to embrace more colors, but man, today I really felt where my heart is at.
3. Pita Bread- Dish Dash in Sunnyvale has such good pita bread. I eat way more than I should, and then I feel really bad about it. But then I eat more anyway, because it is so good.

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