3 Things for Yesterday- The Bicycle Thief, Lady Chefs, and Frida's Boots

by - Thursday, October 10, 2013

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1. The Bicycle Thief- I love that this film is also sometimes translated as Bicycle Thieves. It makes such a huge difference. This seemingly simple De Sica film was the start of Italian neo-realist films. It shakes off any simple expectations of how a plot is supposed to work or our contemporary expectations of symbolism. Things don't work that way in this film, and it is a good reminder that it doesn't have to. Rather than casting trained actors, the director hired a factory worker for the lead part, and he is amazing but so subtle. It really leaves you to read into his gestures and expressions. It is also the only movie I can think of where a man gets his pre-pubescent son drunk in a public space. Memorable. Check it out when you have the chance- this one is also on Netflix.
2. Leah Chase- "When I see all these young beautiful chefs, that makes me happy. When I see all those women, that makes me happier.”Love.

3. Unveiling Frida Kahlo's Closet- I feel so inspired looking at these images of her closet (prosthetics and communist posters? she was just a true original all of the time). How did I not know about her amazing boots?? What have I been doing all my life?? I would give anything to go this exhibition, but this blog gives a great summation with fantastic images. It also reminds me that a person's own aesthetic is not meaningless or narcissistic. It is just another outlet to express yourself! Yay Frida!

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