3 Things- Chris Sarandon, Art Packs, and Cake Graduation!

by - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1. That Prince Humperdink and Jack Skellington are the same person- Some days, it is just the little things. I notice that is often with me.
2. Writing independent art prompts for the Cantor- It is a great new challenge, and I am glad they just keep giving me more to do. That is a good sign, right?
3. Graduating from Cake decorating school- We made it! With thunderous applause!! Ok, well, they didn't boo us out of the room or anything. The lady actually rushed us all out because she needed to get home and watch the Voice. No one is more committed to The Voice than Linda. Our sad attempts at fancying up cakes pale in comparison to the glory of Adam Levine. We may not have enjoyed the class as much as we expected to, but now I know I can get frosting neatly into piping bags and be sassy to old ladies on behalf of a twelve year old. Important lessons in Michael's.

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