12 Things I'm Grateful for from our Weekend at Home

by - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

 1. Binders binders and binders- 27 is a little old to be having the intern experience, but I think I am really having it 100% at the de Young. Also, at least for now I find the busy work weirdly fun. At the least, it is fun to finish tasks completely.

2. Fall Leaves- I may have been crying as I took this picture, because watching the sunrise on the golden glowy wonder which is Pennsylvania in October is a pretty powerful experience. Totally worth the red-eye.

3. Corinne's Priest- He was mumbly, and every so often he would annunciate in a way that made him seem disdainful that he even has to officiate weddings. On the one hand, that kind of makes sense, right? If I were a priest, I might be annoyed to preside over things that covertly are all about sex. Catholic weddings seem preoccupied with sex, actually. Very often, we had to note Corinne's fitness to become a mother and such. Who knew?

4.Birdseed- Just a horrible idea. People basically attacked them. Nothing says the beginning of marital bliss like wincing in pain as you are being pummeled by all of your family members.

5. The return of our wedding signs- Bwahahah. As the Boy said, we threw the wedding that won't die. I wasn't convinced they would use any of the stuff she generously accepted during out clean up, so I was excited that they got a second use. I was also impressed that the yarn hearts lasted that long. They looked good with the new doilies and pinecones attached.

6. Balloon animals for cocktail hour- GENIUS. My only regret is that I didn't go get the goldfish inside the fish bowl, because that kind of ingenuity doesn't come around everyday. It made the kids really happy, and it gave Aubrey something to throw all night. Kudos to Corinne for this genius idea.

7. Aubrey's Dance Moves- Her dance moves oscillate between standing there, bouncing aimlessly while power punching, and trying to emulate whatever someone else did about 30 seconds behind. the adorableness of her moves is amplified by the fact that she would still kick your ass between the good songs. Also, how cute is that dress?

8. Josephine-  The Boy's cousin Josephine can seem incredibly somber, but after a few hours of warm up, she is so open, sincere, and borderline inappropriate in the best way. She taught Petey some stretches (here, they are mastering the split) and directed Petey and the Boy in the oddest and least sanitary round of Simon Says that I have seen in my life.

9. Neutral bridesmaid dresses-I would never pick them when given the chance (I just love color too much), but when I see the pure chicness of a neutral dress and an updo in front of me, I have no choice but to give it its propers. Corinne's sister Angela looked so beautiful and grown-up. She blew everyone away with how great she looked.

10.Seafood and Rice- Pag makes good seafood business. Lucky for his pescatarian wife, he can turn out things like this- spicy and yummy and probably not that bad for you!

11. Parker- Jenny's baby turned it out at lunch, making eyes at any senior citizen who would reciprocate at King's, and laughing his face off. He apparently finds everyone hilarious. When Jenny tried to turn him around, he made a noise that was the 1 year old equivalent of "MOM, You are embarrassing me!" His toddler friendliness made my day.

12. More fall leaves- Really, if you live in a heaven that has actual seasons, please go out and hug a tree. It is doing you a favor by existing.

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