My 100 Favorite Foods- Part Three

by - Thursday, September 19, 2013

 41. Scallops and Salsa from Piqueos- This is my favorite Peruvian restaurant in San Francsico, and this is my favorite thing we have had there. It is seared scallops with salsa on them. It was so pretty and delicious. The place serves tapas, which is great for a date night, and we can eat lots of great Peruvian stuff we know, and try new things!

42. Pigs in a Blanket- My mother in law made this for Christmas, and we ate most of them before her company got there. Bad children! But come on, pigs in a blanket are the most delicious and non-nutritious holiday treat there is. Salty and bready. 

43. Garlic Fries- Probably my favorite northern California regional thing. French fries, covered in some herbs and lots and lots of garlic. The more zingy and raw the garlic, the better. I like to really feel the heartburn, but I do recognize that lots of people actually don't find that feeling enjoyable, so I will appreciate any garlic fries of any intensity. We found a great place to eat them in Santa Cruz, and the Boy learned you should not eat them and ride roller coasters. Life lessons! Still, when we move someday, I will miss this being an option. In fact, we should figure out how to make them. I am going to guess- make fries, add garlic.

44. Dengu- My FAVORITE meal we had in Nairobi was Dengu. It is a soup/ stew with a kind of bean thing that kind of looks and tastes like peas. You also have it with a pita bread (I forget the name!), which is the best thing about every culture (except for Ethiopian flatbread, which is really sour).

45. Spicy Hamachi Roll- We are currently obsessed with sushi, and this is my favorite roll. I think it is not a legitimate or authentic roll, but it is still so good! I love the spiciness with the cool raw fish and avocado. Right now, I could eat this roll every day and be happy.

46. Turkey Tacos with grilled corn salsa- We also do them with grilled shrimp. Our salsa usually has something sweet on top of the corn, like mangos or peaches. Basically, if it has a jalapeno, some garlic, and red onion, it counts as salsa, so we can throw whatever else we like in.  I love these so much, because they are pretty and fresh, filling without feeling gross or heavy. We have this meal probably more often than anything else.

47. Grilled carrots- Who knew grilled carrots would be so delicious? Because they really are.

48. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in Waffle Cones- You cannot go wrong with ice cream in any form, but there is something really exciting about the smell of waffle cones while you wait in line. I think they actually smell better than they taste. We used to love to get them in Seattle (perhaps too much, as we gained a lot of weight that summer) and had them once this summer in San Diego. It's a happy treat.

49. Garlic, Hot Sausage, and Brocolli Pasta- I am proud of this one, because I came up with it myself. All you need is hot suasage, veggies (we have done combinations of broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, and cauliflower), olive oil, and some garlic. If you want it even spicier, I would add some crushed red pepper. We have also done it without sausage, and it is still really delicious. 

50. Cajun Rice- They are these lipton packs that I ate religiously as a kid. In high school, I ate them all the time, especially as meals at my Mom's on the weekends. Now, they are a special treat because my dad sent the packs to me in the mail (though they have a new name which I refuse to acknowledge

51. Straciatella Gelato- When I lived in Vienna and it started to get warm, we would walk from our apartment down to the gelato place. It was maybe 5 blocks (maybe??) but we considered it exercise. Anyway, every time I would get straciatella gelato which is vanilla with chocolate chunks. There is a gelato place here that serves straciatella, and it makes me so happy to be there, though I miss getting my gelato across the corner from the Queen's club.

52. Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting- More treats! Still my go to baking combination if I am making cupcakes. They just go well together. 

53. BLTA- BLT's are great, but when you add the avocado it gets awesome. Really, avocado makes everything better.

54. Frosted Fingers- This wouldn't be so low on the list, but now they have such a color of bitterness and remorse since Archway stopped making them! It is the biggest tragedy of Christmas ever. Of course, they may have discontinued them because they tasted a bit like cardboard covered in frosting. But in the best way possible. They are addicting, and we will never get our fix ever again.

55. Beans with Bacon- the classiest food of all time. Especially when my Grammy makes it.

56. Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls- These are so easy and they are so good! I think you could a number of different combinations in there, and they reheat really well (at least when you do it with a george foreman type business). We have done veggie ones and ones with meat for the boy.

57. Raspberry popsicles- We got a Popsicle maker for our wedding, and we thought it wouldn't be something we used much, but it was a goldmine. We have tried lots of different types of fresh fruit popsicles, and some have not really worked (combinations get dangerous, and cherries are not so good), but raspberries were made for popsicles. They are so tangy and seedy.

58. Asparagus and Phyllo- My favorite food at our wedding. The mashed potatoes were also really great, but I love Phyllo dough. Because it is bread, and I think this has established my true loyalty is to bread. Also, asparagus is just the best.

59. Morimoto’s S’more Dessert- Melissa, The Boy, and I shared this, and it was ridiculously bizarre and good! That square tasted just like the amazing wonderfulness of a marshmellow straight out of the fire. It was just a weird one, because it was so delicious and tasted just like a s'more, but better and fancier.

60. Apple Pie and Mango Ice Cream- This was the desert for our Hippa Middleton dinner. It was basically the most romantic night ever, and this was my favorite part. Also, apple and mango mesh together really well. Also, if you ever go to Kenya on safari, don't get cream pastas. Something really gross is going on, and they get so worried if you don't eat every bite, so you basically have to finish it. Otherwise, they really do they kill it with the food.

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