My 100 Favorite Foods- Part One

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

81. Rambutans- I ate these fruits with my mom in Hawaii. They taste like a pear and kiwi's love child, but even better. Plus they are cool looking and we wore them on our fingers.
82. Calamari-If a restaurant lists calamari on their menu and we are going to get an appetizer, that is what we will order. We love the one at Red Lobster (deep fried brocolli is basically the best thing in the world) but it is more calories than a person needs in an entire day. So you can only get it when you are with a lot of people, or you are really being mean to yourself. Or you could eat just that for a whole day, and that would be alright too.

83. French Toast- French toast never gets old. It always feels like a special treat.

84. Butternut Squash Soup- This is probably the most recent addition to the list. We have been talking about trying this ourselves. Has anyone done this before? Is it really hard? Anyway, I had it for the first time in Kenya on safari, and it was so delicious!!! I was really surprised, but I still think about this soup sometimes. Is it clear that I think about food a whole lot for someone who can't actually cook? Like way too much?

85. Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate- People! Come visit us during baseball season, and you can drink fancypants hot drinks while you watch the world's most boring game! The Giants baseball park is right on the water, which is beautiful, but it is also stinking cold, so nothing tastes better than some hot chocolate!

86. Fries in Amsterdam- I think they call them pommes frites? The important part is that they come from a place called Mannekan pis. They really are the best fries I have ever had in my life. I can ever forgive them for not being curly (and being served with mayonaise... I would skip that part).
87. Snickerdoodle Cookies- My nana's are the cinnammon sugary best, but this is certainly an obsession in our apartment this year. This is the tricky thing about this particular list (as opposed to the music list, which was so easy and fast)- I get food obsessions, where I eat the same thing over and over again. At some point, I get completely sick of it and don't want it anymore, so things that might have been at the top of the list 5 years ago wouldn't even make it now. Snickerdoodles, when done right, are soft and cinnammony and smell amazing. The spice is farm and lovely, but unlike some spice cookies, it is not overwhelming or aggressive. There is no bitter side here, just sweetness!

88. Hot sausage sandwiches- I love that this is the picture I have for this, because the buns seem to have fallen apart. This is from years ago, and we have it down to a science now. It is the staple of apple week (other than apple pancakes) and we found a kind from California that are really spicy without feeling too greasy or fatty.

89. The gingery salad dressing at Genji’s Hibachi place- Genji's is a lot like Benihana's, and I think it is mostly for businessmen camped out near the San Jose airport. It is pretty run of the mill hibachi fare- miso, the grilled shrimps, onion volcano, etc- but their salad dressing is the best, most gingery dressing I have ever had on anything. The Boy says it is probably one right from a bottle, but I love it all the same. If anyone knows of a good ginger salad dressing, please let me know.

90. Lobster with Indian Spices and Crème Fraiche- I got this at Morimoto, and it was really fancy. The neatest part was that the creme fraiche tasted a lot like lemon. Like a lot. Isn't it amazing that they can do things like that? Anyway, the lobster was really spicy and intense, and the creme fraiche was cool, and it made me happy.

91. Dr. Oetker’s Pizza Mozzarella- We ate these frozen pizzas all of the time in Vienna, because they were cheap and delicious. Andre and I would split this one because it was vegetarian. We had a night where we all played American board games and ate these pizzas. Whenever I am in a European grocery store, I check to see if they have those pizzas.

92. Pasta Primavera- Just a classic. Also, the best way to use up any vegetables you have leftover from the week. If its a veggie, then it will work in this pasta. Just hit it with a lot of pepper at the end!
93. The big bucket of seafood at the Crab Pot- There is this restaurant in Seattle where you wear a bib and they just come and pour a big bucket of crab legs and seafood and potatoes and corn onto your table. And it is awesome. Any food you have to eat with a bib on is good news, and it is so openly messy and silly and that part is really exciting.

94. Arby’s Curly Fries- We have to go on quests for Arby's curly fries a couple of times a year. Arby's is the Boy's favorite fast food restaurant, and for good reason. These are crispy and spicy and somehow feel a lot less gross than curly fries from Jack in the Box, which is the restaurant of the devil.

95. Leonardo’s Grilled Chicken Salad- You know what's sad? The rest of the world, where it isn't Western Pennsylvania, doesn't understand the importance of having french fries on top of your chicken salad. Can I say, I didn't realize people did salad any other way until we moved? Of course, Leonardo's is the best, but if you eat all those fries, all that cheese, and the 1 lb tub of salad dressing with it, I am pretty sure the whole point of having a "salad" has been pretty well negated.

96. Caprese Sandwich- I am thinking of a particular caprese sandwich that I had in Florence in the rain, right before some creepy Italian douche started following me around the Piazza della Signoria asking for kisses. But the sandwich was delicious as I remember it. And it is just one of my go to foods- if there is a caprese sandwich on a lunch menu, I am all over it.
97. Salmon Hash with Dill- Another one of my favorites from our menu at home. It is a simple dish to pull of, but it is delicious and probably pretty healthy? I am wondering if we could add more veggies to it. At the very least, we could add zucchini, because you can add zucchini to anything.

98. Apple Crisp- This is the Boy's favorite dessert, and I haven't mastered it yet, but I am getting better and better. This is one my Mom and I made for him last year. I will probably try it again for applefest.

99. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes- We tried these at a mill near my Aunt Ann's house where we went around Thanksgiving.I actually got something else, but I think my beloved Shelly let me try hers, and they were sooo good! Can anyone explain to me what pumpkin spices actually are? Because I have no idea at all (it never mattered to me since I am no coffee drinker), but they work so well in Pancakes.

100. Mai Tai’s- If I am going to drink, hopefully it is something that tastes way more like juice than booze. Even better if it is served in a giant pineapple, because that is just fancy!

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