9 Things for Thursday, Friday, Saturday

by - Saturday, September 28, 2013

1. Abigail Housen- this theorist is the back bone of VTS, and even though I still am not totally on board with that pedagogical philosophy, I can't deny that this woman knows what is up.
2. Horribly nasty emails from faculty from my department at Stanford- This may actually have been the last straw. You know what has been really nice about the last six months? Not seeing these people. Working with people who I like and who don't consistently treat each other with disdain. This was the exchange- At the end of the email, I thanked him for sticking with me, and he wrote me back saying that this kind of self-deprecating is unprofessional and not very classy. Because even though no one else will even return my email, I am supposed to pretend that I am the shit and everybody in my department just wants to buy me a pony. The worst part is that after I read these things (and this was one from my favorite person in the department), I just stew about them all day. But luckily, I got to go to my new job, where my bosses treat me with respect and kindness. It is wonderful. I keep telling myself I shouldn't abandon my PhD just because the people are all rotten to each other, but I am not sure that is actually true. Maybe that is a perfectly good reason to cease pursuing a field. Anyway, it was such a dick move on his part, and I am feeling even less interested in going back (not that I was all over it before).

3. Skyping with Petey and Wobby- There is a lot of just making stupid faces at each other. I enjoy it quite a bit. They are the funniest, even if Petey refuses to be Leonardo da Vinci (so easy! Take a Galndalf costume, take away the hat, and add a paintbrush! So simple!)
4. Stumbling Into Happiness- Daniel Gilbert's book has to be the most readable and funny academic text ever written in the history of history.The very first end note says:
"The notes in this book contain references to the scientific research that supports the claims I make in the text. Occasionally they contain some extra information that may be of interest, but that is not essential to the argument. If you don't care about the sources, aren't interested in nonessentials, and are annoyed by books that make you flip back and forth all the time, then be assured that the  only important note in the book is this one."
And with that, he had my heart. I will be recommending this book to everyone, to forewarn you. Also, let's just take a moment to reflect on how incredibly wonderful it is to leisure read; it is so nice to read something that is actually pleasant and not translated from it's original German.

5. Sunny Friday Afternoons in Golden Gate Park- Some days, life is just good. It is so nice to read out in the sun, watching a toddler play in the water, and eating Hershey kisses.Totally worth the 4:30 AM wake up. Sometimes, it feels like everything is taking a really wonderful turn.

6. Park Chow- Corn and arugala pizza is the bomb. Super healthy comfort food in a space that is really cool and San Francisco-y, while still feeling inviting. Come visit us, and we will take you! Also, I love dinners with Chris and Julia, because she is so refreshingly open and loving. I can totally see why she would make a fantastic counselor.

7. Fighting raccoons in the middle of the night- You can't see him, but there is an evil raccoon in this picture. He was going to attack us when we were going back to our cow. My life flashed before my eyes. It was crazy. I am open to selling the movie rights, and I am expecting an aggressive bidding war. It was just that intense. Also, we have a longstanding rivalry with raccoons. They aren't to be trusted.

8. Breakfast in Bed- Feeling spoiled this morning! I love some brown sugar and cinnamon pancakes in the morning.
9. Candy corn- We jumped the gun- it isn't october, but I am happy to have some sweet waxy goodness in our house right now. Also, The Boy is killing it this week! What a keeper.

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