3 Things for Yesterday- Apple Week, Teaching Rauschenberg to children, and The Great Train Robbery

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

1. The Start of Apple Week- Shit is getting epic in our house. Things look pretty ridiculous in our dining room right now, but I love it. Note our army of Halloween cats, which for whatever reason, are allowed to come out for apple week. Anyway, its a week of treats and appleness and trying to make the best of being ridiculously homesick.

2. Teaching my first class that I totally wrote myself! And no one booed me out of the room. We made assemblages out of everyday junk inspired by Robert Rauschenberg's Card Bird II. I might write a separate blog about this in a day or two.
3.The Great Train Robbery- This is our best find (The Kiss comes second) of our foray into really early films thus far. Just hilarious, and it really is amazing how many set pieces and tricks are at play here, considering Rip van Winkle was only a few years before. It feels pretty magical and I am just shocked how much narrative is there even though it was only 1903. This was one hundred and ten years ago people! Check it out.

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