3 Things for Yesterday- The Piano, Eye Ball Face, and Falling Apartment Leaves

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1. The Piano- I love when you see a movie, and it is so good that you can't figure out why you haven't seen it before. The film has barely any dialogue, but it is so smart and feeling. It feels like a modern response to old Victorian morality stories like Madame Bovary or even The Awakening.  Also, it makes Harvey Keitel seem really sexy, which is a pretty big accomplishment all on its own. It is a slow movie (again, very light on the dialogue) but it is worth it. Plus, it is really making me rethink my own sexism and expectations of what a woman should just be willing to put up with. The movie keeps things much greyer than most films have the courage too, and because of that, it makes for some really deep challenges. Jane Campion might be my new favorite person. I think I will watch Top of the Lake next.

from www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/art-and-design-trends
2. This Halloween costume- I feel like this really captures the incredible creepiness of googly eyes. I would absolutely wear this costume for a holiday if I wanted to look super creepy. I am not sure exactly what you would call this costume, but it is definitely awesome.
3. Hanging leaves- Yesterday, I hung leaves from our ceiling, and I think it looks pretty nice. Not my mot dramatic decorating, but it will look awesome once everything else goes up!

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