3 Things for Yesterday- Cabaret, Mollie Dinners, Thanksgiving Plane Tickets!

by - Thursday, September 26, 2013

1. Escort's "Cabaret"- Great new single and I love the lead singer's voice.
2. Dinners with Mollie- I love conversations with my friend Mollie because a seeming catch up quickly turns into a conversation about something so much deeper and more substantial. I love friendships like that, where you can have really thoughtful conversations that make you articulate opinions and feelings that you usually just stew on. Plus, I got to eat all sorts of salsa and chippies, so that is a bonus. Kudos to the Boy for holding his own. 
3. Thanksgiving Tickets!!! Happiness is knowing I have a week at home to look forward to. Oh, life as a Franklin ex-pat.

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