3 Things- Dentists, Tui, and Naps

by - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1. Compassionate dentists- One of my crowns is breaking off piece by piece, and it feels so demoralizing. It actually feels like I am living someone else's nightmare, where all their teeth fall out. Now, I am left with this little metalic stub on one side of the tooth and porcelain on the other side.  It reminds me of the terminator when you can see his robot insides on one side of him. You can see my robot insides. Anyway, the whole thing became more upsetting when I remembered that my dentist is out of town, but her office sent me to another great dentist- Dr. Javidan, who made sure there wasn't smething even worse going on.

2. Top of the Lake- This Jane Campion Series is just gorgeous, first of all. New Zealand is the best looking film background ever. This series is almost overbearingly sad, because it is about how the patriarchy functions in poor communities. It is simultaneously very realistically acted and paced,  and so loaded with symbolism and imagery that it constantly feels surreal. But it is beautiful to look at, and even though it is quiet, it packs a hell of a lot of twists and surprises. the actor who plays Matt is just so good and sad. Campion is great for writing masculine villains who seem so evil because you can see their pathos. It isn't needless or pointless violence, but comes from loss and frustration. I don't want to say much and give it away.
3. Naps- We slept a good percentage of the night, and then we felt like zombies the rest of the time. It was worth it.

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