Things from the Trip Home, Birthdays, and Easter

by - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

1. My Mother-in-Law's absolute devotion to Pinterest- these are her bunny rolls. I respect that she finds cool food stuff and then actually tries them, even if sometimes they look more like guinea pigs or piglets or something. Also, they were yummy and smelled like the blueberry muffins they sat with. The downside was that they had chocolate eyes, and it wasn't easter yet! 

2. Easter Eggs- They aren't actually delicious, but they are pretty! i know some people like them a lot. I like coloring them.  

3. Easter egg hands!  Wait? Not everyone comes out looking like this? I highly recommend trying it at least once. You aren't fully enjoying an activity unless you come out a mess, and there are always new ways to get dye and food coloring on a hard boiled egg.

4. The Nikon DSLR 5200's flip screen- It seems weird that a camera that fancy would accommodate myspace style duckfaces, but I now realize the true joy of the screen facing the sitter. Little kids are adorably narcissistic, and at least my niece LOVES to see every picture of herself after I take it. Now, I can just flip the screen, and she watches herself get her picture taken. She LOVED it. Look at that face. This child is one of the more serious ones I ever met, but she seriously cracked herself up doing this. I took probably 300 of these between her and her brother.

  5. Shaving cream eggs- another option to try if you are feel eggventurous (bwahaha hilarious). Basically, you put a bunch of shaving cream on a pan. You put food coloring in the shaving cream (is there vinegar involved? I can't remember) and then you just roll the eggs around in it. It was fun, but I would not necessarily recommend it to small children.

 6. The Franklin Egg hunt- First of all, Franklin special events are just the kind of thing that the locals are bored with, but it's because they don't know how special it is. It is cool that there are people in the community who just want to do something nice for the community's kids. It's even cooler that it has gone so long that people who did it as kids can now take their kids. The less impressive part is that the park is just a big flat field, so it is less about finding skills, and more just a race. Petey felt this spirit, but forgot to actually pick up eggs. So, maybe more success next year.

 7. That the whole egg hunt, from start to turning in the eggs to leaving, took exactly 6 minutes- It has to be the world fastest community event. Just amazing.  Also, probably the cutest.

8. My cousin Zach- tomorrow is his 16th birthday, and I am pretty sure elsewhere it the world (where he is called "Butch") he is a pretty jockish type cool kid. But at my Nana's he is still my dorky partner in crime. If you want to get people on board with your idea, it is pivotal that there is someone in the room who gets excited other than you. Zach is that person at the Moffitt's, and I keep bracing myself for the day he is too cool for all of us, and then his dad tricks him into smashing a raw egg in his hand all over my Nana's kitchen. He is the best kind of cool, and he is my proof in the world that God picks your family, but genes isn't the only way to go about it. 

9. The return of chocolate! This year, chocolate came back in with a very frightened Daffins chocolate bunny, and it was amazing. 

10. Having my birthday on Easter- just the best birthday a person can have, because I get to see so many of my loved ones in the same day. I really wish my Mom and Brudder could have been there, but they are both visiting soon, so now I have something else to look forward to! Easter, to me, is so much about grace and fresh starts, and that is a great spirit in which to start a new year of life.

11. Easter breakfast with the Fam- A long standing tradition that I really genuinely love. 

12. Easter church service- I love it first because there isn't a ton of peppy Episcopal music. Truly, they could work on that. But on Easter, they pull out all of their uptempo jams.

 13. Red velvet cupcakes with oreos inside- Genius. I loved it. Seriously, I returned to chocolate in a big way, and it was heaven.

14. My Nana's love of Red Lobster- Look at her face! Cheddar biscuits really do make her just that happy. And you have to bring any leftovers with you. She is just the cutest.

15. Glow crowns- we bought tiny glow sticks to switch things up this year, and Zach and I made a crown out of it. I think it turned out pretty well, considering that it is made with scotch tape! It was supposed to be for the egg hunt winner, but I am not sure we ever knew who that was.

 16. Glow in the dark egg hunt- It's a GREAT option if your hunters are getting a little older and need a new challenge. We also did it in teams, because everyone wants to hide the eggs now that they are older. We just bought 1.5" glow sticks and put them in the eggs instead of candy. We also had the hiders work in the dark, to add to the challenge.

 17. Jumping pictures- they never get old! My actual favorite part is that everyone else looks so chill and unamused behind them. They were making super egg, trying to fill it with all of the glow sticks.

18. Meeting Kalila Mae! She is such a cute baby and one of the happiest I have ever seen at that age. Petey was also a super happy funny baby, and that definitely turned out to be his personality, so I know this girl is going to be a hoot, because she is already so cheery and playful!

 19. Watching my friends be moms- I know this is an old one, but it never gets old to me. Mindy is incredibly calm as a mom, and her baby is laid back too. Also, she had a super cute hoodie on. Yay cute baby clothes!

 20. Giving people leftover Christmas gifts in March- Oy. Someday, I will be organized, but I think it is fun to give people presents all the time, so I don't mind it if I find a few here and there through the year. Also, this one was a gamble, but I think she liked it ok, so that was nice.

21. Infinite Easter Egg hunting- The Boy, Andy, and Carlo hid the eggs and as the kid found them, just put them back. I am not sure if I should be concerned that it took Petey so long to figure it out, but everyone had a good time, so I think it was a win overall. 

 22. My Dad's laugh- He has one of the best ones ever. Definitely in my Top Ten. Loud and jolly and super cute.

23. Totally pleasant travel days- I got to finish the fourth Harry Potter book on the plane (my favorite so far) and we were in our own set of seats for one leg. The Boy even talked to me more than once!!! One lady yelled at him when he said she could go ahead of him (she felt he was rushing her??? it was unclear), but she had been in a spat with one of the flight attendants before the plane took off, so I suspect she had been stewing for a while.

24. Not having to take super shuttle! You can tell how much I hate supershuttle when we can get our car back covered in crap and I still think the whole off-site parking thing was a huge win. 

25. That the Boy still saves me all the pink starbursts without anyone even saying anything about it. I just look to the left, and there is a little pile of them waiting for me. It's the little things, and The Boy is just heaven some days. So are pink starbursts.

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