9 Things- Weekend with my Brother

by - Sunday, April 14, 2013

1.Looking like Indiana Jones- Safari gear has taken over our house, and boy have I committed. All I need is my whip.

 2. Gatorade- It took over our house when TP and Bry got there. Electrolytes!! I am not into it, but the boys were all over it. Thomas, because he actually likes it, and The Boy, to prove me wrong.

3. Doing flowers with my brother- Saturday morning, Thomas and Bry got up to do flowers at the church with us. It was fun that we got to do something from our regular routine, and the beginning of the trip is always fun, no matter what we do, because there is a lot of positive momentum. I just like having my brother around. In my dream world, we would still all live in the same place, and I would get to see him all the time. I am soo grateful for the megabus, because I am hoping that now that he sees how easy it is, he will visit me more often.

4. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge- Shockingly loud. Really can't talk, but can get in a footrace with a random old lady. We also learned that the bridge is 1.7 miles long. We only went half way, but I think we got a good sense of it and we still needed time to go to Musee Mechanique!
5. Stanford Theater's popcorn- Amazing. Also, Witness for the Prosecution, especially the scenes between Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester. I love Billy Wilder dialogue.
6. The first five minutes of Bioshock- right up until the ridiculous beheading and splashing blood everywhere, it is very pretty and plays with some really interesting and original images. And yet. Can we feel justified in brutally murdering strangers we know nothing about if we know that they also hate people for no reason? How is our protagonist's behavior any less heinous? I certainly would have to watch The Boy play a whole lot more of it before I can give a really informed opinion. But, I perhaps am not the right audience for this video game.
7. Bubble beach!! They were still there! We even saw them at a few places, so it apparently is not a singular phenomena. Still, playing in those waves make me happy, even if the water is cold.
8. Flying a kite on the beach- Yep, we are really really Californian now. On the other hand, it was fun, and the kite only threatened us a handful of times (if you are just tuning in, our kite hates us and we spend most of our "kite dates" getting hit in the face), so apparently it likes Bry and Thomas better than us.
9. Pitch Perfect Reunion- Why does it make me so happy to see them singing (or the Magic kid rapping)? Also, kudos as always to Skylar Astin, who seems to always be effortlessly enjoying himself. He has the right kind of cool. I do not know why, but it made the beginning of the MTV movie awards worth watching. I didn't last much longer after that.  I did see them give a lifetime acheivement award (?? Is that what it was?) to Emma Watson, which was odd, but her speech was lovely, so yay to her for basically being a good human being when she has every reason not to be.

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