6 Things for the Weekend- Old love notes, Witness Nipples, Cancelations, Daft Punk, Military Ruins, and the Meandering Sermon

by - Sunday, April 21, 2013

1. This poem- This is a hate/love ode The Boy wrote to my friend Mindy when he and I were in our "not quite dating" yet phase... ten years ago at pep band. I love that she kept it, and even more so that she found it. I know it is a little blurry, but it says "You are ugly, like a buffalo."
2. Witness's horrible and quite disrespectful romance- This week's Netflix viewing (other than a repeat for His Girl Friday) was the 80's Amish classic Witness. I actually didn't mind the movie, and I liked that it resolved with an act of nonviolence (not 5 minutes after Harrison Ford drowns someone in a silo of grain), but I found myself yelling at them a bunch. He needed to leave the Amish woman alone. She needed to close the damn door if it was time for her daily nipple cleaning. Their romance felt like a Hollywood necessity rather than something organic (or resolvable) in the story. I felt they didn't get any dialogue at the end because there was no way to resolve the conflict, and it just felt incredibly misogynistic to have one suitor out and one suitor in. Also, seriously, Harrison Ford needed to back up off of that. Danny Glover would have done them a favor to break it up.
3. That they canceled Ready for Love- Perhaps the only good thing about this show is that it proved it actually could be worse, more misogynistic, and more disgusting than the Bachelor while simultaneously being so so boring. It made me miss the good old days of Flavor Flav. The show literally served up women on a shelf, then paraded them in front of a live audience to tell them all the things they do wrong. Because, of course, relationships are 100% the women's responsibility, and nobody's going to mention that this super narcissistic "rock star" decided to have a date where the women had to write songs, sing, and stand looking on in awe while his "rock band" played their super lame ballads. No, clearly that guy has it all figured out, and it's the women who need to get in line. It was super gross, but also took like 2 hours. Good riddance, I say.
4. Daft Punk's new song- It is so disco, with a little robot thrown in, and I love it. Love it love it. I don't really understand why the radio keeps playing other songs, when clearly this is the only pop thing going on right now.

5. The old Batteries in the Marin Headlands- We went for a hike today, which started out as a pretty, very California (sun, beach, prettiness) kind of walk (let's not kid ourselves, our version of hike mostly looks like a light stroll). Then, we started to find the many old forts on that strip of land, which were all grown over and covered in graffitti. If this is what the post-apocalypse looks like, then it won't be so bad. It was fun to crawl all over them and see if The Boy could open one of the old rusted doors (I am glad he couldn't, because they look like scary things are back in there). It was a fun, very hilly day.
6. Our new priest's sermons- I should say first that I really like the man and I think he is doing great things for a church that has been a straight up mess. On the other hand, his sermons have so many twists and turns, that I never know what is going on. One second, we are talking about how terrorists target American symbols, then we are talking about Urban adventures, and then he is playing his guitar. It is a lot, but in a kind of endearing way.

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