30 Day Challenge- Day 9

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 9- Someone who you think is beautifully unique. Grammy Greene

My Grammy is the closest thing to magic in human form. I don't know anyone like her (though her kids and grandkids all have a Grammy quality or two). She is already a very pretty woman but it is this uniqueness, her silliness and generosity and just cuteness (all things that strangers can see, but only family members get to really appreciate) that makes her so beautiful to me

Whether we will admit it or not, Greenes take pride in our shared weirdness. We are an odd bunch with odd tastes. When you put us all together, we will end up doing something strange and fun (like riding an antique firetruck or playing Flash Gordon pinball). That all comes from her. I think all six of her grandkids genuinely love spending time with her, because you can never be sure what will happen. We loved going to see her as kids, because she was the grandma who would get down on the floor and play with us. She has outlawed the word "bored." Now as adults, I feel like we are equally overjoyed to see her, because she fully embraces silliness, so you are never sure what hilarious thing is going to to happen. Maybe she will suit up in a snuggie or learn the superman dance. She does everything with this strange combination of giddy silliness and dry (sometimes harsh) humor. That combo just works on her.

From all accounts, my Grammy comes by her quirkiness very honestly. Her mother was also a character who was incredibly silly. She made the infamous Binmore animals- small ornaments covered in sparkles that are supposed to look like animals but mostly don't. When I was an infant, my mom would walk to see my Grammy Binmore, who she found to be such a hoot. My Dad, Aunt, and Uncle say that my Grammy seems more and more like Grammy Binmore everyday.  I think she is also shrinking slightly, like her mother did, or else all of her grandsons are excessively tall (I think both are true).
My Grammy is the oldest of three sisters, all of whom were very pretty.She has black hair (which came back curly after she had chemo for breast cancer a few years ago). My Grandpa still happily brags on her that when they were young she looked like Elizabeth Taylor. When you look at old pictures of her, with her dark hair and pretty face, you can see he was right! She makes fun of herself (she has very self-deprecating humor) for being an old lady now, but I think she is still quite beautiful and I like that she still has dark hair.

I think my Grammy and Grampa are the best-suited couple ever. My grampa is an engineer and Grammy is a teacher and a very crafty and artistic person. They are perfect complements to each other, and they bicker constantly. They bicker about whether the turkey is done (she always thinks it is) and when that one thing happened, etc. They seem to be enjoying themselves while they do it, and I think they still have a lot of love between them (which is pretty impressive since they have been married for 50+ years).

 Ok, I feel like I am really underselling her here, but her glory is really hard to explain, so let's try some pictures, shall we? This on the left is her learning the superman dance from my cousin Ben and working on a quilt with my Grampa.

Cheery and visiting us in San Francisco and modeling my Eeyore ears.

At the wedding using a bird beat as an eyeball, and showing off our blankets together.

This is her playing a song (twinkle twinkle little star? something in that mileu) with boomwackers on her own head. The left is one of their annual family Christmas pictures. She took it in a different direction, but look how amused all of the boys are.

So here's to you, Dorothy Greene, for being one of a kind. For somehow holding on to your childlike whimsy for 70 some years, for having the best laugh in the world, for doing kind and generous things for people all of the time, for being the world's friendliest introvert, for knitting 16 sets of mittens in the course of a conversation, for being incredibly concerned about how everyone else is feeling and for being sassy at the same time, for being a cute little old lady who complains about being an old lady, for buying a book on how to use facebook (and using it), for making the best jokes ever, for Grammy things being Grammy things (and it is impossible to explain. I know, I just tried it), for always having new gossip from Curves or the beauty salon, for always impressing our friends, for spending your days giving tours and cataloging old music machines, for being the best Grammy ever. You are so stinking beautiful, and we are soooo lucky to be your grandkids! You set the bar in every way, without even trying.

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