3 Things Yesterday- Dilation visors, Red Sauce Pasta, and Leslie Knope

by - Friday, April 19, 2013

1. The sunglasses they give you at the eye doctor's- Ok, I really do not enjoy the dilated eyes business, but the power ranger style shades you wear afterwards are pretty amazing. I may bring them with me to Africa since my current sunglasses give me a headache (which is so sad, because I think they look really nice on!)
2. Red sauce pasta- We went simple and classic for dinner, and it was awesome. Sometimes, all you need is some tomato, garlic, and pasta to make life happy.
3. Leslie Knope- I get her. I get her calender-making and holiday-celebrating. If I could grow up to be Leslie Knope, I think I would mostly be cool with that. Also, yay to Parks and Rec for continuing to be adorable.

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