3 Things on the Day of the Boston Marathon

by - Monday, April 15, 2013

 "...And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there."

1. That as soon as that bomb went off at the Boston Marathon, people went to help- This makes me want to cry, because I am so proud of my country and the people in it. People's willingness to help each other gives me so much faith in the United States. We have our share of flaws, but on the person to person level, people seem so eager to get in there and do something when things go wrong. I feel in the face of this simple fact, I could never lose my faith in humanity.

It may the biggest, most brilliant miracle of the universe, the prime example of God's existence, that despite the fact that it is easier, faster, and more instantly gratifying to do wrong, most people choose to do good. It takes a few good shopping sprees (or years in college) to incur a whole lot of debt, but it takes a lifetime to pay it back. It takes a second to injure and a lifetime to heal. It can be a pain in the ass to light a candle, but blowing it out can be easy. Despite the fact that the bomb can do so much damage, hurt so many people, and incite so much fear in a single moment, people continue, time after time, to make an active effort to help.

One sociopath or radical or whatever this turns out to be can cause a lot of pain, but for every one of those there are a million people who want to do good. It may be quieter and slower and reap much less dramatic fruit, but the good outnumbers the bad. If the bomber has been plotting this his/her whole life, the prayers have already outnumbered their negative thoughts. That's powerful. The mass outpouring of positivity is powerful. The people who are there, healing the (crazy) wounds, and taking care of the people of Boston are incredibly powerful. I will keep praying for the people of Boston, especially those working in hospitals and emergency services as well as those injured or who lost a family member. But I will also be really thankful that I live in a country where after the bomb goes off, people run to help. Because that is a freaking beautiful miracle.

2.Everyone's use of the Mr. Rodgers' quote- I want it to end with- now let's all go be helpers, even if in a totally different way. But I do love the quote, and you really can't fight the wisdom of the man.
3. That so far, no one has come up with a catchy name and no one has been pointing fingers particularly adamantly yet- Maybe that is coming, but I am hoping the media can just turn a corner. I have been much more attached to internet sites for this than the television, because it is such a challenge at times to see watching the news channels as productive.

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