3 Things- Kooky Prints, Knitting Glory, and Blurred Lines Love Bitterness

by - Sunday, April 28, 2013

1. Kooky prints- Nothing makes me feel simply happier than wearing something with polka dots on it, and I am excited to see how many crazy outfis with schizophrenic print explosions are currently all over the place. It's sad that they are so in, because that means next they will be out.

2. My first ever, mostly fine, no major holes or mistakes, scarf! I dedicate this scarf to my two primary knitting inspirations- my sister Elizabeth and my Grammy Dorothy. Look at its glory. Already started my next one, because knitting is the most successful thing going on in my life right now. Had to take pictures, because I will be giving this away in 2 days. One of my students already claimed it!
3. That blurred lines took less than 24 hours to disgust me-I thought the video I saw was bad, but it turns out there is a nudie version, that gave Alan Thicke jr all the sorts of attention you get when you FINALLY offer the world naked ladies. God, we have all been so deprived. What makes me maddest is that the song is so catchy that it doesn't need this kind of nonsense/misogyny to sell it. And yet.

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