3 Things for Yesterday- Dinners with Old Friends, Busy Days, and more Applications

by - Monday, April 29, 2013

1. Dinners with old friends- one of my classmates is back in town for her defense, so a few of us had dinner last night, and it was really nice to just hear about her kids and her life. This woman has it together at a level I will never reach in my life, so it actually inspiring to hear her approach to life. Nothing is as wrapped in her self esteem, and I think she just succeeds, because that is the next step, so she does it. It is nice to remember that there were people I met who I really liked while at Stanford, and sitting around a table drinking a glass of wine and talking still feels really grown up to me.
2. Being really stinking busy- this is a good thing right, I've decided being a grad student is a lot like being a stay at home mom. You are always at work, but you get a certain amount of control over your schedule. My worry is that I will have trouble transitioning into anything else, because I want my quiet work time. Some of my job ideas are certainly not going to offer that. For that reason, I am trying to break myself of my homebodiness. Yesterday was crazy busy, but it was good. This week is less that way, because we are almost out the door to Africa, but this is how I want to manage my schedule for the next few months. Time to hustle!
3. A new job idea- I think I could become a professional applicant. I am not sure that isn't what a lot of people in the arts are, so maybe I am still in the right area!

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