3 Things- Las Vegas Edition

by - Monday, March 04, 2013

... And we're back. This weekend, The Boy and I flew to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with my Mom the week of her birthday and to see his brother. It was sooo good to get out of the Godforsaken state of California and to just have some fun before things get real this week. So, the biggest thing I am thankful for is well-timed trips and the best mom and husband in the world. Also, mai tais.

1. Hiking at Red Rock- We climbed all over that place, and we just had a great time doing it. I expected the rocks to be red (hence the name), but it is actually the white and red striations that makes it so beautiful. Also, it is one of those things that feels like a puzzle, where you are trying to figure out how to get to the top.

2. My sister-in-law calling it on her go go dancing at 5 months pregnant- First of all, at 5 months, the girl is still skinnier than me, but she cracked me up with her stories about when you just have to give it up as a dancer and take some time off. I especially liked the stories about magician assistants who also call it at about 5 months when they can no longer fit into the magician nooks and crannies. Oh, occupational hazards.

3. Red Rock Casino- Ok, there isn't a trashy theme, which is totally a downer, but it really is a fancypants hotel. Following my Mom on her adventures leads to places like these. The walls had like fake leather on them, which I wasn't feeling, but I did love the super dark brown walls. It felt way more modern and classy than anywhere we have any right to be.
4. Walking 16,000 steps in one day. It's the most I can remember since I started wearing the pedometer.
5. The frozen Margarita at Kahunaville- The Boy won the best drink award, because that thing was delicious. Plus, we walked a lot, so we didn't feel too bad having drinks.
6. The Atlantis fountain at Ceasar's Palace- Delightfully in disrepair, completely nonsensical, and not to mention completely impossible to hear what is going on. It's a treat, and even though I have seen it more than once, I still only know that the moral is if you fight with your siblings, a pterodactyl will eat your Dad. I also genuinely love that it pulls a big crowd.

7.Crazy themed slot machines- Judge Judy is my favorite. I also saw "the Gambler", Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Fortune themed ones. Also, they have more cat-themed slot machines than money-themed slot machines. I genuinely want to know if Judge Judy gets some sort of cut off those machines.

8. That my Mom gambled 2 dollars and ended up with 3 dollars and 70 cents! The Boy gambled 20 bucks, and he was the first one to run out of money. This is the power of patience. She practically doubled her money. Spectacular. I also enjoy that she quit while she was ahead and actually cashed it out.
9.Seeing the sonograms of the newest member of the Boy's family! So cute. But I stand by my opinion that 3-D imaging is the worst thing that ever happened to fetuses. They have never looked less cute. The 2-D peanut is adorable. The 3-D melting alien spawn is less cute.

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