Top Ten Most Romantic Movie Moments

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ok, the last one was kind of negative, so here are some movie moments that I do think are genuinely romantic, in honor of Valentine's Day.

10. Manhattan's Bridge scene-I kind of love Holly and Mickey's scene in Hannah and her Sisters the most of all Woody Allen's movies, but this is the most romantic movie overall, and the scene where they sit and watch the bridge is just so beautiful. Romantic, but like everyone says, this movie is a love letter to New York (and it is just so pretty!).
9.Sense and Sensibility love proclamation- You can't do one of these lists without putting some Jane Austen adaptation on, because I think there would be no romantic comedies without her. Emma Thompson's adaptation is romantic without losing the dry humor or the pragmatism, but her take on the ending still feels fresh and super funny.
8. Juno's Post-baby cry- Ok, this movie has fared poorly over time, but I still think there is something really lovely and romantic about the scene after the birth when Pauly comes and stays with Juno after the baby is born. It's simple and paralleled with the baby in it's new home, which works really well at squeezing the bittersweetness out of the thing.
7. The Massage chair scene from Stupid, Crazy, Love- Overall, that movie is underwhelming, but the sequence in which a couple tries to hook up, but then gets too caught up in their conversation is pretty romantic.
6. Han and Leia in the Empire Strikes Back- Love that they keep up with the banter the whole time, and she gets to stay a badass. The carbonite scene is pretty great.His response could not have been better.
5. Monsoon Wedding's Confession- Two young people are arranged to be married and have only known each other for a few days. She bravely tells him a secret, and in a few brief scenes you get to watch two people make an active choice to love, to accept, and to take the leap (and the baggage). If you have never seen this movie, I would highly recommend it. It is about all the sorts of love, but it is refreshing to see a story where love is treated as a choice, and sometimes a hard one to make. Plus, the movie is really pretty and colorful.
4.The Funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral- W. H. Auden's poem really works in this, and John Hannah sells it at another level. Only at the funeral are we supposed to realize that he is mourning his partner, but the poem is so romantic that it becomes the deepest romance of the film. I hate the Andie MacDowelliness makes the rest of this film a downer, but I will stop and watch the movie on tv if it is on and watch until this scene.
3. Wall-E and Eve's Dance through space- Wall-E is undoubtedly the most romantic movie Pixar has made thus far, and this little happy moment is just fun and sweet and quiet.
2. The end of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- I actually think the saddest/ most romantic part is when they are in the stranger's collapsing house, sitting in the sand and saying goodbye. But the sadness of the moment is balanced out by the ending. First, their quiet capability to remember just enough of each other is pretty romantic. Then, standing in a visually barren apartment building hallway, Clementine reminds him of all the things they now know will go wrong. And they simply both say ok. Most Romantic Movie Ever.
1. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner- The story isn't about their relationship,but their real life love actually powers the film.  Stanley Kramer uses it to his advantage, and it just adds exigence to the movie's most loaded moments. . They have a great sequence in the car where you just get to see their communication, but I think the best moment (maybe one of the best movie moments of all time) is watching Katherine Hepburn's character who has already proven herself to be a badass, watch her husband give his monologue about his daughter's marriage and his own love for his wife. Hepburn even tears up a little, and the sparkle of her tears upstage everything, no joke. It's a great performance, but it is also just about the pride someone feels when they watch someone they love do the right thing. That pride can be pretty romantic. You have to feel Hepburn's pride at Tracy's last performance as well. If you don't get chills when they just look at each other after he says "And if it's half of what we felt, that's everything," you have no soul! That is love on film.

What would make your list?

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