Star Wars Movie Marathon- What Worked and What Didn't

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last week, we celebrated the Boy's birthday.  I love birthdays, and I want to celebrate all week long (if for no other reason than I am really really really glad he was born). Mostly, he is not into birthdays at all. He doesn't want a party or much attention, but I have come to learn, after a few years, he will happily settle on a nerdy movie marathon and some cutesy themed stuff, as long as it is just us and his immediate family. Last year, we tried a Harry Potter movie marathon, which was super fun. I thought he might pick the same theme every year, but he picked Star Wars. The upside was I found all sorts of fun stuff (like these wall decals from Etsy), but the downside is I had to watch Star Wars.

Anyway, if you are planning some themed thing, this is my thought on what worked and what didn't.

The etsy decals are definitely win. They are very cool, and you can get them for relatively cheap if you poke around long enough. The downside is once they're down, they're done. You can't use them again. So who knows how long the Death Star will be operational on our wall. 

I saw a lot of banner options on Etsy and Amazon, but they were either cheesy or crazy expensive. It was easy to just cut out my own, and the font might not be perfect, but it is close enough. The Boy also really liked the Yoda Head. 

Pag sent us some strands of lights from the wedding so I could make stars. BAD IDEA. You know exactly what you don't need for a movie marathon? Lighting fixtures. We mostly didn't use them because they were so bright that the room wasn't dark to watch the movie (at least for the Boy, this is a big deal. You can't have anything going on other than the movie, even when it is Episode 1). I almost got lanterns to look like planets. Thank goodness we didn't go that route. 

 The Boy's mom sent us some cool stuff, like a Lego star wars table cloth, little light sabers (you can see them in Country Living Chicken), napkins, plates, and the darth vader pinata. I tried hanging it first, but that looked very Lord of the Flies or Game of Thrones or something. It made a great centerpiece, and I think he is going to take it to work with him. 

I bought the mugs on Etsy. They are cute and were cheap, but probably the least necessary purchase of the whole shebang. We didn't use them for anything.

 On Monday, I started making treats, the first being "Leia Buns" Not to brag on myself, but my cinnamon rolls are the best thing I bake. This isn't bragging because I just do what my mom tells me (I know this is true because I panic-called her at least three times from start to finish). They turned out soooo good, and I keep trying to think of a reason to make more (is a life crisis a good enough excuse?). Anyway, one of the keys to birthday week is to make really bad for you breakfast foods. It's one of those ways you can really turn up the specialness.

This is on his birthday morning, with the Darth Vader candle (this, weirdly, is not a this year thing. This is the Boy's birthday candle I have used every year since we moved into together. But you can see the plates from Mama Alfeo!

On his birthday, I used a mold to make him an R2D2 cake. I was super nervous about this. My Mother and sister in law makes these kinds of cakes for my niece and nephew's birthdays, and they always look so good, but I had never tried one myself.  I think it could have been better, but all in all, I am pretty proud of it!

 I made spice cake with butter cream frosting. I tried to make batter from scratch, but I think I filled up the silicon mold too far, because it was burnt on the edges and still batter at the center. So I used the spice cake mix backup I had bought (because I know my limitations), and I only used half, and it worked out better. I just looked at a picture to do the cake. I started with the light blue, then the regular blue, then the white edging, and finally the black and red details. It looks harder than it is, and he was super excited about it, which was nice. Plus, the box spice cake was really good.

We watched the first two movies on Thursday and Friday, then we really pushed the marathon on Saturday (4 Star Wars movies is a lot for one day, but the originals are so much better that it really was fun). I made us t-shirts, which I think might be a fun tradition to keep up with. The funny thing with these ones was that on me, it looked like the lightsabers were pointing out my boobs. But, you can do them pretty cheap on customink (especially if you pick the cheap shirts and only print on one side).  All the other pictures are of the snackies, which were over-planned and mostly got dumbed down:

  Obi Wan Kabobies- Ok, these are supposed to look like lightsabers, but maybe I need to be a more precise fruit-cutter. Mostly they look like rainbow sticks, which would probably be good for other holidays, but I am not sure anything about these scream Alec Guiness.

Jar jar binks in a blanket- again, kind of a play on words, but the most important thing is that pigs in a blanket are amazing and actually easy enough to make that I can do it. We ate half on Saturday and half on Sunday for classy Oscar viewing.

Yodamole was supposed to be an actual yoda head, but we only had one avocado, so we settled on it just being Yoda color.

So those are the highlights of the Star Wars movie marathon. The Boy is talking about doing Indiana Jones next year, which would be a big challenge, so I am pumped about it. Hope this gives you some information if you are planning a cheesy nerdy birthday celebration!

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