6 Things-Rating Pictures, Lent Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls

by - Monday, February 18, 2013

1. Rating pictures- Ok, not exactly a joy because I have almost 80,000 pictures to rate. On the other hand, I am going through every picture I have taken since 2006, and it is sweet to see some of the gems and moments that never quite make the wittle down. Things like awful, blurry pictures of people who would become friends, before I really felt comfortable to photograph them. Or pictures of 21st birthdays that I never posted for the protection of the birthday boy, but make me laugh a whole bunch now. Or trips to mini-golf with my brother I practically forgot. Right now, I am in fall of 2007, which is the birth of my nephew Petey, which is one of those moments where I swear to God magic entered the world. It is so amazing to look at this tiny frog-legged airborne fetus and know that there is a crazy awesome and hilarious soul just waiting inside. That's why I take so many pictures. Because you have to treat life like it means something, because it does. The Windows Live Photo Gallery makes it go about as fast as it could go, but that is still pretty slow.
2. Destroying the "To Do" list- We have started a To Do list to try to keep up with all of those little tasks that creep up and you say "oh, we should do that" but you don't do until something breaks or another disaster catalyst occurs. We did like 15 of the things on that list yesterday, and I have never felt so productive in my life. No tiny apartment has ever been as well-organized as ours.

from www.catholiceducation.org/articles/religion/re0535.html
3. That pretzels are apparently the official food of Lent- I knew I loved lent for a reason! Can I just eat a soft pretzel every day from now until Easter, I will be a happy girl.
4. That the class I lectured to is now planning on having their final performances/installation art/ happenings in a Uhaul- I really want to go to this! I just think it is a fun and clever idea, and it was nice to hear that they were inspired by the lecture.
5. Cinnamon rolls- Or, if you live in our house this week, Leia Buns. It is pretty much the only thing I feel totally comfortable doing them without a recipe (though I get a few panicked calls to my mom in). They turned out great, and I hope the Boy takes them to work tomorrow so I do not eat them all. We sit here now and debate how shameful it would be to have a third one today. 
6. Bastardized sushi on President's Day- Ok, it wasn't too bad, because we gave up fried food so no tempura (or completely fried rolls? Has anyone seen such a thing?), but there is nothing more American, I think, than trying out a new sushi place and realizing it is actually hard to just get yellowtail sashimi. They had 4 different california rolls, named after 4 different regions. They also had an Alaskan roll, and an Oregon roll, which was a combo of crab and salmon. There is something simultaneously sad and charming about a place that has integrated American taste into their food, because it happens in every country, but it always serves that country's tastes. Plus, the sushi was good, and I would like to think my favorite president, William Henry Harrison, would have really appreciated that.

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