6 Things for today and Yesterday- Late Night Paper Reads, the Marley Brothers, Carolina Herrera, and Extended Benefits for LGB Service Members

by - Monday, February 11, 2013

1. Reading the Boy papers at 1 in the morning- commitment, I am sure, takes many forms, but I really appreciate a man that will stay up through the night to help me work out a paper for the millionth time. Also, my father read that stinking thing like 5 times this draft and my mom did an on point clarity check this afternoon. My brother even read this paper. On my worst day, I can never claim that I don't have a pretty spectacular support system around me.

From JustJared.com
2. Rhianna's dress at the Grammy's- I don't generally enjoy Grammy's fashion, because it just seems like everyone is trying too hard, but this dress was really really pretty, while also being edgy (???) by being totally see-through. I could take or leave Rhianna in general, and in general mostly feel bad for her, but kudos to her stylist anyway. Also lover Kelly Rowland, though partially because it reminds me of giant underpants:
From JustJared.com
3. The Marley brothers in the Bob Marley tribute- Damien and Ziggy had so much style and joy, and I thought Damien was awesome. I could have used a tribute that was more Bob and a whole lot less Bruno. He is a great leader, but did we need to hear his whole song? Or a Sting song? Why not just do more Bob Marley numbers since there are plenty of gems in that catalog. Plus, his all-guy rat pack schtick is old, and only reminds me of how much more awesome Beyonce is than him for her all-lady superbowl band. Other than that, I thought the performances in the Grammy's were kind of boring, Kelly Clarkson being the best, which was probably good since I needed to finish my proposal!
4. Leonard, not freaking Nilai- I may be slightly too invested in teen jeopardy. Something strange has happened in our house. But I think the lesson in this is that you can be a very smart person and deeply likable or very smart and kind of a douche (or at least a teen with a greatly inflated sense of self importance). Leonard is a much more pleasant brand of awkward teenage boy.  And, even when he messes up the last question, he gives a solid feminist answer. It's alright Leonard, this is literally the peak of Nilai's life.
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5. Carolina Herrera's new collection- Apparently I am not the only one going through a Katherine Hepburn phase. If I owned that white dress, I would wear it every day of my life forever. So pretty.
6. That the Pentagon extended benefits to Gay and Lesbian service members and their family- this is such a huge gesture when you think of how important benefits are to a family when health fails. I also love that this was probably the last change made by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. He said "Taking care of our service members and honoring the sacrifices of all military families are two core values of this nation.  Extending these benefits is an appropriate next step under current law to ensure that all service members receive equal support for what they do to protect this nation." Amen, now the Defense of Marriage Act is coming up in the Supreme Court, and so I am hopeful that this positive momentum continues.

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