30 Day Challenge- Day 3

by - Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 3- Someone whose strength makes them beautiful- Mindy

I became friends with Mindy when we were pretty early on in high school, and even then, she was a total powerhouse. Mindy has always known her own strengths and been confident about them. I think this is one of the many things that makes her beautiful!

Mindy is a kickass athlete, and she can take on any physical task that comes at her. This was especially convenient for me in summer school gym, where she would mercifully be on my team and play well enough for the both of us. Everyone knew she was probably the most athletic girl in our class, and she could take on the guys like it was no problem. She is also a fantastic softball player and always seems to be a leader on whatever team she is on. She also just picks up any physical thing we do, from ice skating to DDR! She is the one who is teaching herself how to spin and skate backwards when the rest of us were working on staying upright. 

   Part of this is just a natural athletic ability, but I think the deeper cause is that she has absolute faith in herself. She knows exactly who she is and what her strengths are, and she is unapologetic about her awesomeness. I have never seen Mindy dumb herself down for anyone or back down from something because it is a challenge. She also has to be the smartest person I know about health and fitness. She just has a great practical mind and good sense. She understands challenges and immediately begins to fix them. 

Mindy has a super athletic style, which she is really true to. She has that same good sense about her looks that she has about everything else. She is really good at highlighting her very pretty blue eyes and blond hair with bright colors. I have never known her to be particularly fussy about her clothes or makeup, but because she knows herself so well, she always looks great.

On a deeper level, I love that Mindy has the courage to be truly vulnerable and the strength to pull through every hurdle life has thrown at her.  Where some people might spend a lot of time lingering on their frustrations (I know I can be that way), Mindy picks herself up, brushes herself off, and continues to work toward her dreams and what she wants. This strength to both move on and to be vulnerable, more than the athleticism or just having a powerhouse personality, is what makes Mindy such a beautiful person.

Recently, Mindy became a momma, and it became another way that she showed her beautiful strength. She had Kalila without any drugs, because she felt strongly that was what was best for her baby. I have so much respect for what she did. I personally think she should become a midwife to help empower other like-minded moms, so they can have a super tough cookie on their side, cheering them on! I haven't seen her since Kalila was born in January, but I have noticed in all the pictures she puts up with her baby that she looks glowy, fresh, and happy (which seems like a big accomplishment for a new mom)! Love takes so much strength, and I think that is why she is already an amazing Mom. Seeing these pictures make me smile, because I genuinely think that being a Mom looks so good on her! Makeup-free and wearing that same Franklin soccer hoodie, I think she looks beautiful!

 Having these new responsibilities have only made her stronger, more aware of what she wants and how she'll get it, and more beautiful! Yay Mindy!!!

Ok, who is going to join in on my mission? It is so easy, because you already know a ton of beautiful women! Here is the list again: 

 Day 1- Someone who you think underestimates their own beauty.
Day 2- Something that you genuinely think is beautiful that isn't always treated that way.
Day 3- Someone whose strength makes them beautiful.
Day 4- Someone who is beautiful because they are always experimenting with their look.
Day 5- Someone who is beautiful because of their confidence.
Day 6- Something that you think is beautiful about women who are Moms (or Grandmas).
Day 7- Someone who always expresses themselves in a beautiful way.
Day 8- Someone who you think lights up the rooms they are in.
Day 9- Someone who you think is beautifully unique.
Day 10-Someone with great hands.
Day 11- Someone who you think is beautiful because they know what they want from life.
Day 12- Someone you think is bold and courageous.
Day 13- Someone with great skin.
Day 14- Someone whose smile makes you smile.
Day 15- Something that you think is beautiful about yourself.
Day 16- Someone who you think has beautiful curves.
Day 17- Someone who sticks it to gender norms.
Day 18-  A way you think a person's personality makes them beautiful.
Day 19- Someone whose intelligence makes them beautiful.
Day 20- Someone who only gets more beautiful with time.
Day 21- Someone you think has great style.
Day 22- Something you don't have that you find beautiful in other women.
Day 23- Someone whose positive thoughts shine out of their face.
Day 24- Someone who is beautiful because of what they love.
Day 25- Someone who radiates warmth and love.
Day 26- Someone with great hair.
Day 27- Someone who is beautiful because of how they see, not only how they look.
Day 28- Someone who is hilarious and that makes them beautiful.
Day 29- Someone with beautiful eyes.
Day 30- Something that you didn't notice before as beautiful, but you do now.


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  1. oh thank you Barbara!!! you made me cry!!! YOU are such a beautiful person!!

    ...and that franklin soccer hoodie is like 11 years old and still kickin!!