3 Things- Mullets and Rat tails, Episode 2 Still being Pretty Bad, and Failure

by - Friday, February 22, 2013

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1. The hair in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones- It may the only part that is worse than the acting (Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen are just so bad! Like min-blowingly so!) Ewan McGregor's hair looks like a wet-dirty mullet for the majority of the film, Anakin's rat tail is tragic and only adds to the fact that he was never going to be likable (in fact, he comes off as a sexual predator), but Amidala's hair is truly ridiculous. Despite the fact that she is no longer queen, her costumes continue the cultural bastardization tour of the Earth. Elizabethan collars with sparkly hair diamonds! The most disturbing of these being the North African head dress they try to pull towards the beginning, in which they make the (tragic) choice to give her African, texturized hair. Kind of like intergalactic blackface for her hair. My second favorite is the Princess Jasmine costume covered in a silver cheetah print cape (all while trying to hide?). You can knock the movies dialogue, or character development, or any number of other things, but its art direction has to be pretty high on the list, because it makes no sense at all. Also, this is my last gripe, when you put someone in a CGI/ green screen set, light them in the same way you will light the set (things were looking janky in a couple of spots).
2. Entertainment Weekly's review of Attack of the Clones- They say it "fails on almost every cinematic level." Truth. They give it credit for being better than the first one, but I think that it is still pretty tragic, even if this one makes slightly more sense.

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 3. Failure- Getting another big scoop coming Monday. Refusing to let it ruin the Birthday movie marathon tomorrow, because my bad attitude about episode 3 really deserves that honor.

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