3 Things for Yesterday- Kate's Dress, Productive Work, and Susan Sontag

by - Saturday, February 09, 2013

From Huffington Post
1. This dress- picture isn't recent at all (I saw it on some Kate's style through the years type slideshow) but this is my favorite thing she's ever worn. That is such a cute dress! Way to make the polka dot dress look classy, super classy person.
2. Having a completely productive work day, and then being done working for the night- I am pretty sure that is what a healthy adult life looks like. Trying to get the hang of  it.
3. Susan Sontag and "The Double Standard of Aging"- It's a great little essay on the ways women experience ageism. A good read if you are interested in the subject, and you can look it up on the internet, because it is up on a few websites.

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